Clean Feed in Nepal: Advantages and Disadvantages

In this post we are going to explain about various advantages and disadvantages of clean feed in Nepal.


Nepal government, ministry of Information and communication,have proposed the draft of clean feed policy. On June 24 2019, after this news, Federation of Nepal Cable Television Association- an umbrella group of cable TV association: have halted the broadcasting of foreign channels, mostly Indian ,for 24 hrs aiming to suppress the draft proposed by the government. They suspended the service from 3 PM, 24 June to 3 PM of following day.

Later that day, consumer rights activist have filled a case against the association for interruption of the services. According to constitution of Nepal, every people have right to access for information and communication. Therefore any parties or institution that goes against such rights will be punished as according to law. So Nepal good government, Ministry of Home, have threaten those institution and if necessary also wouldn’t step back to cancel the broadcasting license.

What is Clean Feed?

In TV broadcasting services, Clean feed is the video signal without any advertisement or any other mixed components like subtitle, links,etc. So now, the foreign TV stations would need to send the video signal without any advertisements or alteration. However,if they want to put Ad they need to put the Nepali advertisements from Nepal only.

What do TV association say?

According to Members from Federation of TV association, they claim that they cannot see the implementation feasibility of clean feed in Nepal. They further stated, TV channels from India are not willing to broadcast because it cost much more. Further they argued,due to advertisement only, TV channels is cheaper. Some even explained, it will cost as high as opening the new TV stations. In addition, if they did, Nepalese need to pay higher and it could reach by Rs 2000-3000 per month.

Solution regarding high cost to customers

If they would cost Rs 2000-3000/month, then users will also become smart. Users will choose the selected channels they wish. Currently more than 150 channels is aired,but do you know, out of that,only 20-30 channels are the most watched one. Remaining channels are of nothing. In this way,the remaining channels will be discarded and customers will pay for the needed channels only. By this way, cost will be deduct heavily.

Also, there is rampant increasing in using internet. Read the 2019 top and best ISP in Nepal. So most people will discard using the TV instead will use mobile apps to watch through it using internet. Nowadays, people also don’t have plenty of time to watch shows being idle all the time. So if TV association blocks the foreign channels, there will be other alternative as mention above. Despite, association unwillingness, Nepali citizen are supporting the draft very positively. And want the government to implement it strictly as soon as possible.

Let’s now discuss the various advantages and disadvantages of having clean feed in Nepal.

A. Advantages of Clean Feed in Nepal:

1. Increase in Revenue:

Before clean feed, foreign channels were directly aired through cable and TV associations network. During that,commercial advertisements is broadcast without giving any revenue to Nepali government because the advertisers only pay to TV stations and their own government. At the same time, they are advertising freely without any boundary in Nepal . Now after this policy, if foreign advertisers want to play their advertisement in Nepali customers, they need to pay tax to Nepal before airing to TV stations.Though TV stations are of their own government. In this way, government can increase the revenue from foreign advertisement which was almost negligible in past years.

2. Expansion of Ad Market in Nepal:

After clean feed, foreign advertisement also need to be made in Nepal. So instead of foreign advertisement agency, they need to use the local ad agency. This will increase in use of local ad agency. In this way, new ad agency will born in together with existing agency to expand the market.

3. Create Employments:

Nepal sends almost 1000-1500 person a day in foreign countries due to employment crisis within the country and this number is in surplus. After implementing this clean feed policy,there will be employment opportunities in content writing, video graphing, cameraman, designing and many more. A little but valuable contribution will be in increasing job opportunities.

4. Use of Nepalese Products:

After this clean feed policy, Nepalese company and startup would get a great relief in advertisement competition. Before, Nepalese company need to compete in their products with the foreign company to take a domestic markets. Indeed,Foreigners ads are soo much attractive. Now after this, foreigner also need to make local advertisement. And for this, cost also increases because they already made custom ads as required for their own country. By this way, there will be less competition in domestic markets leading to consumption and use of domestic goods and service.

5. Save Culture:

After banned of foreign commercials or even the TV channels, there will be decrease in watching the Hindi or English serials or commercials. The decrease in one thing leads to increase in another thing. That means,people will now expose more to Nepalese programs. Addiction of speaking and copying of foreign language will decrease leading to stay on our own culture and custom. This is how, clean feed policy in Nepal have indirect advantages in saving our culture.

B. Disadvantages of clean feed in Nepal:

As compared to advantages, clean feed have much more less disadvantages in Nepal. Disadvantages may be for certain group and age of people. However in the light of supremacy   there may be flame of harness which are as follows:

1. Need to pay high amount:

If the clean feed policy is implemented, users may need to pay high amount. All the expenses that have been covered by advertisers, would be taken from the customers. However, this may not be case because of competition. Lets hope,charges will not be high.

2. Loss in revenue of Domestic TV provider:

After the clean feed policy, many customers will hold and see for the best option. Indeed more will move towards internet connectivity instead of TV provider. They even can switch to digital content uploaded to website and video content site for watching their favorite shows. One of leading social media like Facebook and YouTube will be an best alternative choice.

Above all, there is much more advantages than disadvantages in implementing clean feed policy in Nepal. I also urged the Nepali government to implement it as soon as possible.

At last, what do you think,clean feed in Nepal will have advantages or disadvantages? Give your opinion in comment section below and I will be joining with you.

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