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DCDU-Direct Current Distribution Unit-Function,Details

It is the DC distribution unit box. It serves as distributing the DC power for RRU, EMUB, BBU and many more. DCDU-12B of Huawei consist of two input terminal blocks and 10 different ports for output. Each port or certain port is assign for its maximum output fuse current.

Fig: DCDU-12B of Huawei

Huawei DCDU-12B have following features:

1. Input: -48v,160A.

2. Output: -48v-30A in each slot compromising 10 slots.

3. working environment: -40 degree to +65 degree Celsius.

4. Operating elevation: 0-3000 meter.

Below DCDU-12B is labelled with rated for maximum fused current at 10 different ports.

dcdu of huawei
Fig: DCDU with load current labelled for various ports.

Due to its compact and light weight, low temperature working capability, fused protection and embedded installation: this PDU (Power Distribution Unit) is widely famous and is used in Telecom, BTS, Mobile, Electric Power, army, public securities,and many more places.

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