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History of Nepal Telecom| Infographics Timeline

The marching history of Nepal Telecom and its details in telecom field in Nepal.

In Nepal, the history of operation of telecommunication service dates back to early 1973 B.S. But formally telecom service was provided mainly after the establishment of Mohan Akashwani in 2005 B.S. However, in early days the service was limited only to superior class people. Later in 2016 B.S ,Telecommunication department was established as per the five year plan established in 2012 B.S to 2017 B.S.

Fig: Infographics Timeline history of Nepal Telecom
Fig: Infographics Timeline history of Nepal Telecom

To modernize the telecommunications services and to expand the services, during third five-year plan (2023-2028), Telecommunication Department was converted into Telecommunications Development Board in 2026 B.S.

After the enactment of Communications Corporation Act 2028, it was formally established as a fully owned Government Corporation called Nepal Telecommunications Corporation in 2032 B.S for the purpose of providing telecommunications services. Above all, after serving the nation for 29 years with great pride and a sense of accomplishment, Nepal Telecommunication Corporation  was transformed into Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited (NDCL) from Baisakh 1, 2061.

Nepal Doorsanchar company Limited is a company registered under the Company Act 2053. However, the company is known to the general public by the brand name “Nepal Telecom-NT” or “Nepal Telecommunication Coorporation-NTC”as its registered trademark. This is how a history of Nepal Telecom begins.

Later after 2060 B.S, Nepal Telecom started to provide the GSM service(Global system for Mobile Communication) to the general public. In addition to GSM service, Nepal Telecom further adds more service like CDMA(Carrier Division Multiple Access), EVDO, ADSL, FTTH,etc.

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With upgrading and updating its services, Nepal Telecom further provide latest service starting from early GPRS, HSDPA, 3G to now 4G/LTE.

Nepal Telecom being a public company, has a sole responsibility to provide services to every parts of country. In sense of responsibility, they are providing the services in rural areas where other operators haven’t.

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