How to get free internet in Nepal?

Having access to internet has become compulsory for everyone. So for this, people are paying extra amount of money. In this post we will guide you how to get free internet access in Nepal. And it’s absolutely free without a single rupee. In addition,you will save money that you used to paid for data packs or even for ISP. Read this post from top to bottom we will show you how to get it.

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It’s always hard to get free internet in nepal. Even though you get, it might be the case you are using others WiFi which generally is not legal. In case if they change their password or even make the WiFi invisible, you will be in trouble. But here, we will connect you only through legal ways and there is not chance they will change the password. So you can use it seamlessly without worries. Below are the access point from where you can get internet for free.

1. Free WorldLink Wi-Fi:

The WorldLink, internet service provider company, announced in March 2019 to provide free internet via Wi-Fi to various 10,000 places across Nepal. It aimed to provide this service within 1 year. Currently, it is providing such services to 3,000 hotspots (location) under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

WorldLink said that it will add more 7000 hotspots within next 4 months to provide free internet in nepal. Currently, it is providing broadband connection to 280,000 residences and businesses along with 85,000 internet protocol TV customers. It also aims to provide the fiber internet in all 753 local units within 2022.

How to connect Free WorldLink Wi-Fi?

In order to get latched to free worldlink free intenet, users should check on their device whether the wifi shows or not. If it doesn’t, users need to move closer where there is free worldlink wifi hotpots area.

After this, follow the following steps and get access to internet for free.

1. At first,connect to “Free WorldLink Wi-Fi”as in picture 1 depicts.

2. Secondly, click on “Get Online” as in picture 2.

3. Thirdly,Click on “Agree the terms and service”as in picture 3.

4. At last, it says “you are online”. Now, it’s time to surf the internet for free.

The users could get free internet for one and half hour once they log in. For unlimited, users need to just flow this above steps after the session gets ended.

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2. KMC Wi-Fi :

Kathmandu Metropolitan City(KMC) have provided free internet access to major places in Nepal. Meanwhile, it is providing free internet into 6 different places. These places are:

  • Hanumandhoka
  • Pashupati Nath
  • Shoyambhu Nath
  • Boudha Nath
  • Balaju Baishdhara Park
  • Sankha Park

Likewise, KMC is planning to install free Wi-Fi service to 60 different places of capital targeting the spaces nearby to Government offices, Hospitals, Airports, bus parks where the presence of people is high in number.

How to use KMC free Wi-Fi?

1. After reaching to free Wi-Fi zone turn on the Wi-Fi option, you will get a notification

2. Press on the information, there will appear a page where you need to enter your name and mobile number then a system will send you a code. By joining the law, you can enjoy the free Wi-Fi service.

3. One can use the Wi-Fi just for 30 minutes a day. After 30 minutes the service will be disconnected. But, the service can be again connected in another free Wi-Fi zone. To control the flow of users, the access has been provided just for half an hour.

In conclusion, you can even find local free hotspots in your area. But before using it you must agree the local law or the service provider terms and conditions. Moreover, the service is limited in duration but can be used again and again. In near future, with commitment from different ISP, we wish we will get free internet access in every places of Nepal.

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