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Importance of Negative Voltage and Battery in Telecom

After successful completion of reading this post, you will learn!!!

a) What is the importance of negative voltage in telecom?

b) Do site gets down, when battery gets damaged??

c) Details of outdoor sites and indoor sites.

d) Choice for number of batteries used in site??

e) Why 2V battery is used in telecom field?

Collection and arrangement of battery is termed as Battery Bank or shortly BB. Battery Bank consist of few to maximum number of batteries as required. Battery Bank in telecom industry is most common for power backup which may need during AC line faulty or AC failure. Battery bank is used to store current of Photo voltaic energy, AC rectified to DC power or Diesel Generator power.

battery bank in telecom
Pic(a): Single BB of 12V each, with 12 batteries

Batteries are kept in the cabinet or in the dorm as per the site location and feasibility. Cabinet is used where the site is outdoor. Outdoor site is where BBU, DCDU, battery bank,and everything equipment is kept in a closed box sealed such that no water enters into it under the open sky. Pic(a) is clear example of outdoor site where battery bank is kept in the cabinet for protection from direct sunlight, water and direct air.

For indoor site, where every equipment is kept inside the shelter or in the room, batteries are kept in the dorm. This saves the cost of the cabinet. The Pic(b) below shows the example of indoor site and battery placement in the dorm. 

two battery bank with 24 battery having capacity of 2V each.
Pic(b): Two BB with each 2V, 24 batteries in each bank

In the Picture above, Pic(a) consists of 16 batteries and Pic(b) consist of 48 batteries.

The choice for the number of batterie depends on the following two important reasons:

1) For the Hub site(multiple links from same site is done): more batteries with more power is installed for providing microwave link until last minute because multiple links are operated by the same site.

2) For very busy traffic areas:places where users traffic is high and need to provide continuing services, more batteries for longer power back is kept.

Most of the telecom equipment’s are made to run in negative voltage because for the protection from high voltage during lightning. So there is importance of using negative voltage in telecom and telecommunication field. So the batteries are arranged to give maximum of -48V.

Don’t get confused, positive terminal of battery is grounded and negative is used to give up -48v.

Batteries are arranged in series to sum up for 48V and then more batteries are connected in parallel. Parallel connections provide long lasting current for the same output. That is why more batteries are kept and connected in parallel in HUB and High Traffic sites.

Telecommunication field is crucial as communication is very important. If there is power failure then the site gets down and whole communication of the site as well the link of other site is also down. Suppose, if single 2V battery get damaged, then we can replace instantly that battery but still there is -46 voltage and sites don’t get down because the telecom equipment’s run upto -44v. If we use battery of more voltage then if by change battery gets damaged or need to replace then the sum of voltage will gets down below 44V and the sites gets down. Due to this reasons, at least 2 parallel connections and 2V battery is mostly used.

Most common battery used are of Shoto, Agission, Northstar,  Exide etc.

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