List of assigned and remaining frequency bandwidths in Nepal

Nepal Telecommunication Authority-NTA, is the only government body that regulates and maintain the available frequency . NTA also have authority to provide as well as cancel the license of the telecom operators.

It also divides the frequency to each operator so that the telecom operator can provide the telecommunication services.

The frequency is limited. Each and every telecom operators must have the frequency to operate. So the judicial distribution of frequency is very important. In addition with distribution, some frequency must be kept for future use. In case new operator want to provide service, those operators should also be allocate the frequency. So NTA have always kept some frequency as reserved for future use.

In Nepal, NTA have assigned the frequncy to the telecom operators. Nepal Telecom(NT), Ncell,United Telecom(UTL), Nepal Satellite and Smart Telecom(Smart Cell) have been assigned the various band of frequency. NTA have assigned these operators in different frequency band for voice and data. Generally 900 MHz and 1800 MHz are used for voice communication while 2100 MHz is for 3G data service.

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NTA have directed to the telecom operators to run 4G/LTE service using neutral technology in 1800 MHz. Using this technology, Nepal Telecom, Ncell and Smart Telecom have been providing the 4G/LTE service in various parts of the country. Also NTA have allocated 800 and 2300 MHz band as per available and requested by operators.

 assigned and remaining frequency band in nepal-NTA

The chart above shows the assigned and remaining frequency band for various telecom operators like Nepal Telecom, Ncell, Smart Telecom, UTL and Nepal Satellite.

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