2019 List of all ISP-Internet Service Provider in Nepal

As of June 2019, there are list of 22 individual ISP-Internet Service Provider registered in Nepal. They are now providing high speed internet connectivity to customer using wired and wireless media. Optical Fiber or FTTH(Fiber To The Home) is becoming dominant and have reached to almost every part of the country.

Some ISP like WorldLink and Vianet have 100Gbps network capacity, while Ncell as mobile service provider is also providing internet service to enterprise customer using fiber. The competition among these ISP have lead to access to broadband internet connectivity in different parts of the country.

Let’s know little more about the history of ISP in Nepal:

The Internet was first introduced into Nepal in 1993 in a venture of the Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (RONAST) and a private company, Mercantile Office Systems (MOS). Later, RONAST is renamed to NAST(National Academy of Science and technology). The Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) in Bombay had a UNDP‐funded, Internet connection through the Education and Research Network (ERNET) project, and RONAST set up a system where they could connect on a regular basis to ERNET in Bombay to transfer e‐mail messages. The service was only for the use of RONAST’s scientific community. The phone connection was of low quality and expensive because of the daily international call charges to Bombay,. Due to high operating cost, this project came to end.

In 1994, after RONAST ended its ERNET project, MOS acquired the technology and set up the first commercial e‐mail service with a link to Australia. The MOS server connected several times a day to transfer messages. Subscribers at this time were mainly international organizations.

In 1995, a second company, World Link, set up a similar service at a lower price through a cheaper connection to Canada. Their only business was providing e‐mail service, whereas MOS’s e‐mail service was only one of many aspects of its business. MOS focused to a greater extent on larger organizations willing to pay more for higher technical services and support. They were less geared towards individual clients. World Link filled this niche. In response, MOS added interactive Internet access with a permanent leased line to Australia. They also acquired the rights to administer the .np domain name. World Link eventually followed suit, offering their own Internet access, again at a lower price. A third company, CAS Trading, entered the ISP market as well. Again, it was mainly international organizations that availed themselves of the Internet service.

E‐mail and Internet services continued to be expensive tools, little used by other than international organizations until 1997. Later, His Majesty’s Government (HMG) of Nepal passed its first telecommunications act, which took into account advances in information and communication technologies. Until that time, all telecommunication was operated by HMG. The new ISPs had been overlooked previously, regarded as nothing more than users of telephone lines, the same as users of fax machines. The new regulations created a licensing structure for private ownership and operation of all forms of telecommunications. While licensing of land‐line systems required a great deal of capital and experience on the part of the licensee, VSAT licenses and technology were within the reach of the ISP companies, who were now required to apply for e‐mail and Internet service licenses.

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After such arrangements, ISP companies applied for Internet Service licenses and this leads to rapid growth of ISP. By 2019, the list of registered ISP in Nepal reach to 22. Majority of ISP have been providing Fiber connectivity not only for Internet but also for internet TV, VOIP services and many more. The list of these ISP are given below:

1. Vianet Communication
2. WorldLink Communication Pvt Ltd
3. Subisu CableNet Pvt. Ltd.
4. Firstlink Communications
5. Mercantile Communication
6. Classic Tech Pvt Ltd
7. BroadBand Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
8. Nepal Telecom ADSL Service
9. Broadlink Networks and Communication Pvt Ltd
10. Loop Networks pvt.Ltd.
11. Infocom Pvt Ltd
12. Ultranet Communications
13. Konnect Nepal
14. Himalayan Online Service PVt Ltd
15. Websurfer Nepal Pvt Ltd
17. Otel
18. Techminds Network Pvt. Ltd.
19. Everest Link (P) Ltd.
20. Unified Communication Pvt. Ltd
21. Allied NetLink Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
22. Reliant Techno Networking Pvt. Ltd.

These above list are the registered ISP in Nepal Telecommunication Authority. If you know any other ISP running in Nepal, other than in this list, write in comment section. We will update. Moreover, among these ISP, which ISP would you recommend most? Good experience or bad experience? Don’t forget to share your’s on the comment section below.

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