Nepal Telecom expanding 4G network:Expected to complete within 2019

Nepal Telecom, Nepal’s first 4G launcher is rapidly expanding it’s 4G network access the whole country in 2019. Currently, Nepal Telecom (NT) has its 4G network in Kathmandu and Pokhara only. While, another operator Ncell- the rival of NT has already reached to 1000 major places reaching to all 7 Providences. 

According to spokesperson from Nepal Telecom,Krishna Prasad Bhandari talking with Ujyalo-online A media company- says. “NT is committed to provide the latest 4G(LTE) network within next 6 month. As a result, NT have done separate agreements with representatives from Hong Kong-based China Communication Service International (CCSI) and one of China’s leading telecom equipment manufacturers ZTE, in February 2019”.

CCSI will work on radio access network. While ZTE will work on installing the core network as stated by Nepal Telecom (NT) in a press statement earlier in February.  The core network system acts as pool to connect the service provider with NT’s system. And radio access network offers an outreach to NT customers. 

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The agreement between the two parties is of 1 year. NT is expecting the project will be completing within the agreement deadline. However the contract time period has already pass 4 months and now only 8 months is remaining.

In October 2018, Nepal Telecom has invited global bids to expand its 4G network service. Later, they selected the Chinese companies within two months of the bid submission.

However, this process came to halt for a year after a case was filled against the draft. Later after direction from CIAA (Center for Investigation of Abuse and Authority), to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the deal was done with ZTE and CSSI.

The price quoted by ZTE was Rs 1.56 billion to install the core network. Under this plan, radio access network will be installed in the Central and mid-Western regions in the first phase. While in second phase, the core network will be installed in the Eastern, Western and far-Western regions, covering all areas into the 4G system.

Bhandari said”Now the importing of equipment’s is in process”. Further clarifying he added” NT will provide 4G network from it’s existing 4000 BTS towers. And, further 800 towers are in process of erection to provide service to every parts of country. Adding- a  sum of around 4800 BTS towers will provide 4G service within next 6 months (December of 2029).”

If all go as planned and expanding work continued, Nepal Telecom has aimed to provide full phase of 4G network within the deadline. But with the previous experience, NT should learn to work rapidly to meet the dedicated timeline.

Before, NT have been using equipment’s from Huawei for expanding it’s 3G network but now the contract is done with with ZTE and CCSI. Reminding with the previous commitment and contract, NT has always fall to reach it’s deadline.

In conclusion, we wish the scenario will be change this time. And work will be complete within time frame.
Now, for us- it’s time to watch and see how the NT will take this project to accomplished within scheduled time frame.

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