2019 Top and Best ISP in Nepal you must connect-Plan,Price

Are you confused in choosing the right and best ISP-Internet Service Provider in Nepal in 2019 ? If so then, regardless of price, we list down the three best and top ISP who are always committed to provide the services. However, except this ISP we either don’t have other option or other ISP are lacking something in providing services.

1. Ncell

Among all the registered ISP in Nepal, Ncell tops among them being the best ISP in 2019. The reason is that Ncell is always committed to provide the quality, uninterruptible and dedicated services. However, the price, that Ncell charge to customer is also very high.

Ncell not only provide GSM-Mobile communication services but also provides broadband internet services i.e it is one of ISP of Nepal. Mostly, Ncell is dedicated to provide internet connectivity services to the enterprise customer. Ncell provides dedicated as well as shared based fiber connectivity to the customer as customer need.

If you are enterprise and need of most reliable and fast internet, without any dilemma and second thought you should connect Ncell fiber internet. They will make you more costly but end result is always best.

How to get Ncell Fiber internet?

In-order to get latch by Ncell Fiber, you should visit the near by Ncell center and query for the services. They will help you promptly. Else you can call 9005 via ncell number and talk with operator. Also you can query online via Ncell website.

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What is the price of Ncell Fiber internet?

Ncell haven’t disclose the price of Fiber Internet services though it have listed the prices of data and voice. However, you can get price list quoted by Ncell by visiting nearby Ncell Centre or by online chat. There is no doubt that they will charge the highest among all ISP in Nepal.

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Recommended For: Enterprise, Bank, Big Organizations, Data Centers

2. Vianet:

After Ncell, among ISP in Nepal, Vianet comes to second place in 2019 because they always commit for reliable and high speed internet not only for enterprise but also for home user. From their early establishment in 1999, they have a moto “make the right connection” aimed to satisfy the customer. Keep in mind, they are the most reliable after Ncell and customer services is also good.

What is the price and plan of Vianet Internet?

Currently, vianet have this below offers along with plan and price. With free Net Tv, they are providing 40 Mbps internet at just Rs 12,900/ Year which is affordable and cheaper. Even,they are providing enterprise services which can be use for large organizations where bandwidth and service is critically necessary. You can see more offers from their official website.

vianet internet package with price and net tv
Vianet Latest Offer

How to connect Vianet Fiber internet?

To get the vianet fiber, its easy. Just call 01-4217555, 9801046410 or visit the nearby Vianet Customer Center. Even, you can fill the form online using vianet website and submit. After that, representatives from Vianet will call you. And you are all set to get connected by one of finest ISP in Nepal.

Recommended For: Home user, Small office and Corporate offices

3. WorldLink Communications:

It claimed to be the largest ISP of Nepal and stands in third position in 2019. Now, it has largest number of customers of almost 3 Lakhs and provide service in shared as well as dedicated fiber service. With huge customers, sometimes people complain that they are providing poor services. But, they denied that and aimed to grow and provide low, affordable and accessible fiber internet to all the people.

What is the price and plan of WorldLink Fiber internet?

They are also providing Internet TV along with Fiber internet. Below mention price is exclusive of VAT.

worldlink internet package with plans for internet and net tv
WorldLink internet Package

How to connect Worldlink internet?

In order to get connect by WorldLink Fiber, you can call the worldlink hotline number 9801523050 and inquiry about everything you need to know. In addition you can use worldlink website for more details.

Recommended For: Home user, small corporate offices

Except these 3 major ISP, others are also in town offering Fiber internet in almost same or lower in price. But as comparing to above 3 ISP, these are limit by either coverage or by poor services. However, before connecting to Fiber, make sure you also visit these below ISP because they tend to bring amazing offers time to time.

4. Subisu Net

5. Classic Tech

6. NT Fiber

In conclusion, for best enterprise service we recommend Ncell and for Home user Vianet is the best choice. If you don’t want any reliability, NT Fiber can be the amazing choice because they offer a very cheap Fiber internet as low as Rs 660/Month. Full Price along with Plan of NT fiber is here.

Summarizing, what do you think, are there any other ISP in 2019 , who needs to be in this list? If so, then write in comment section below and help more people to get the right and tight connection.

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2 thoughts on “2019 Top and Best ISP in Nepal you must connect-Plan,Price


    Ncell provides fiber services?

    • telecomkhabar

      Yes Ncell provides fiber FTTH services which is unknown to most of Nepali because their client are most of enterprise and is quite expensive but offer a best quality in services. You can checkout nearby Ncell center for more information.


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