CG Telecom finally signs with Huawei for 4G expansion

CG Telecom, a conglomerate of Chaudhary Group, recently have done an agreement with Huawei for aggressive 4G expansion throughout the whole country Nepal. According to Binod Chaudhary, founder of CG,talking with reuters told “Huawei will provide equipment’s for 4G expansion, worth of $100 Million”. This equipment’s will be compatible and can be easily up-gradable to future generation technology like 5G,IOT, digital services and many more.

Earlier, during Nepal investment submit 2019, CG Telecom have done agreement with Turkcell for 5G service. He added,”CG telecom will do separate agreement with Lifecell, sister of Turkcell, for technology transfer and design, after Huawei provide equipment’s”. The main agreement with Huawei is for tower erection and equipment installation.

Currently, there are three major telecom operators named nepal telecom, ncell and smarttel. ” In-order to compete with existing telecom, CG telecom will offer free voice calls and would rely on data and payment gateway” told 64 years old chairman. He further expand ” CG telecom will be the revolution in telecom history in Nepal”.

Huawei is the Chinese telecom vendor which manufacture and provide telecom equipment’s and services across the whole world. Due to cyber security issues, United States have completely banned Huawei for 5G expansion in their country. Addressing this issues, Chaudhary told that” CG telecom don’t have any issues regarding to Huawei as posses by United States, rather CG is now preparing to contract with Chinese firms in Cement Production. Indeed, Huawei will help in providing quality equipment’s for 4G expansion of CG telecom.

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cg telecom agreement with turkcell for 5g service during nepal investment summit 2019
Fig: CG telecom agreement with Turkcell for 5G service in Nepal investment summit 2019.

CG Telecom still don’t have the unified licence. Unified license is all the license required to operate all the GSM along with latest 4G service. According to Nepal Telecommunication Authority, NTA,”CG will get the unified license after they erect BTS towers as directed by NTA”. CG telecom is the 80% stake holder of STM telecom, an US based telecom operator, and in 2013 STM telecom was named as CG telecom.

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CG at initially wants to invest 250 million dollar in telecom. Later, with expansion of services, they will invest more and continue the services.

People in Nepal are awaiting for the launch of CG telecom in the hope of cheaper data and voice calls. Some even anticipated that CG telecom will be the next Jio (Indian telecom operator) in nepal revolutionizing the ICT sector.

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