How to check if your phone support LTE/VoLTE in Nepal?

Nepali telecom operators like Nepal Telecom(NT), Ncell and Smartcell is providing fourth generation 4G LTE cellular services to its customers. They are expanding their LTE network throughout the country. Here we will explain how to check if your phone support LTE-VoLTE in Nepal in details.

After this, these telecos will adopt Voice over LTE (VoLTE) in their network to provide the voice services. In the mean time, Nepal Telecom have already tested the VoLTE for the first time in Nepal and was successful in it. Nevertheless, Ncell and Smartcell will also join the race sooner or later.

After adopting LTE and VoLTE technology, handsets will not rely on 2G and 3G technology to make phone calls. In 2G/3G, phone calls have to use circuit switching technology to make phone calls. Rather,cell phones will be capable of making phone calls and surf the internet at a same time in LTE network as it uses packet switching to do this work. So, sooner or later we also need to switch to the 4G LTE/VoLTE network. For this, we need to check whether the phones compatibility with LTE/VoLTE or not?

This below is the LTE frequency band that the Nepali telecom operators will be using. LTE can be used in existing GSM(900/1800) and 3G(2100) band also. But there is not yet conformation from Nepali telecom operators that they will be using 900 and 2100 for LTE. However, it is fixed that they are using same 1800 MhZ band for LTE.

Nepal Telecom(NT) LTE band: 800 MhZ (band 20), 1800 MhZ (band 3), 2300 MhZ (band 40)

Ncell LTE band: 1800 Mhz (band 3)

Smartcell LTE band: 1800 Mhz (band 3)

So any smartphones that support above frequency band of 800/1800/2300 MhZ will be capable of using LTE network of Nepal Telecom, Ncell and Smartcell.

1. How to check if your handset support LTE band of Nepal or Not?

There are different ways to check:

A. Open website where your handsets specification is given. Like or even your own mobile website like

B. In gsmarena, search your handsets model. In network, there are different technology bands. Check LTE bands.

lte frequency band in nepal
Fig: LTE frequency band in Nepal

C. To support Nepali telecom operators LTE, check if there is 800/1800/2300 band or not.

D. Here, I see that my handset supports these above band. So I can use LTE. Also check if your handset does or not.

2. How to check if your handset supports VoLTE in Nepal or not?

If your handset support LTE in band 3, band 5 and band 40, then your handset support VoLTE. Currently, in nepal, all telecom operators are using band 3 that is 1800 MhZ. So handsets supporting LTE 1800 MhZ band will support VoLTE.

Also, you can check in web by “do <your handset model>have volte or not?”. You will get the answers just in second.

So before buying the new handsets, make sure to check if your mobile phone supports Nepal telecom, Ncell and Smart cell 4G LTE and VoLTE or not.

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