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Huawei EMUB functions,details in telecom

EMUB stands for Environment Monitoring Unit Type B. EMUB is the Alarm switching unit device manufactured by telecom giant Huawei Technologies. In ZTE, such device used for monitoring environmental alarms is called SA card. It is used to control, switch, monitor, save and send the environmental signals like door open, temperature, humidity and many more. So, EMUB is the main unit in BTS which sends environmental signals to the centralized station like NOC center via BTS. So in this post we are going to explain about the Huawei EMUB functions and its details in telecom field.

Huawei EMUB/EMUA have its various sensors connected to different location of the BTS or Site.

EMUB/EMUA with different ports for environmental alarms
Fig: EMUB/EMUA with different ports for environmental alarms

Different sensors like Flood, Smoke, Temperature, Door, Fuse Fault, DC under voltage, Load on DG and many more are connected to various locations within the the BTS. Like, Flood sensors is connected to few inches below of the BTS room, Door sensor is connected to door of the cabinet and Smoke sensors is installed at upper side of the BTS cabinet or shelter. These sensors give value as measured or configured to the EMUB. And EMUB process the sensors given value and sends them as according with priority, to the control room via BBU. EMUB can handle multiple sensors input and processes it at a single time. EMUB is commissioned such that each port is prepared for the desired sensors input only.

EMUB have 32 input ports for taking input of various sensors. It sends those sensors value via DB9 male RS485 cable to BBU end connected in RJ45 female connector.

DB-9 Connector with Pins
Fig: DB-9 Connector with Pins

Shortly, RS485 is standard communication protocol designed for communication between two device ensuring smooth data transmission mitigating adverse path loss and ensuring safe communication.

It is the serial communication. EMUB sends all those port signals via serial communication to BBU. BBU manipulates it and sends to control room of telecom. For unusual alarm, necessary steps is taken by the operator. 

Fig: Sensors Labelled at EMUB port

The sensors output are connected to EMUB via Lan Cable(RJ-45) through with in 32 switch signal check port. For future understanding, predefined sensors output is labelled at EMUB indicating sensors.

Among 32 switch signal check port, I have listed 8 port list with their commissioned configuration for selected sensors.

EMUB ports
Fig: EMUB ports

The functions of Huawei EMUB in telecom is to control and monitor the environmental factors and send results to control room ensuring safety and necessary precautions is undertaken without any major loss.

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