Total Internet subscribers in Nepal in 2019

In this post,we are explaining the total internet subscribers in fiber, wireless and cable net along with market capitalization by different internet service provider in Nepal in 2019.

According to latest data published by NTA-Nepal Telecommunication Authority, in April 2019, 37 company are providing internet services based on wireless, cable (ADSL,Coaxial) and Fiber. Connecting with these company, a total of 821,249 subscribers are using internet in Nepal via these services in 2019. However, this data don’t apply for mobile users (cellular technology) accessing internet via operator network.

1. How many Internet subscribers are in Nepal by Fiber, wireless and cable?

Out of 821,249 subscribers, 71,998 subscribers are using wireless connectivity compromising 9%, 253,214 subscribers are using cable net contributing 31% and 496,037 subscribers are using Fiber connectivity grasping massive 60% of all internet subscribers. Following Pie Chart depicts total subscribers by April 2019.

total internet subscribers in nepal 2019 april
Fig: Total Internet Subscribers by Service 2019, April

2. Which operator have largest Fiber subscribers?

Since, Fiber constitute 60% of total internet connectivity compromising of total 496,037 subscribers. Out of these, we sort out major 10 operator having highest number of Fiber subscribers.

Among them,at first, WorldLink communications have largest subscribers of total 282,305 covering 57% of all the Fiber market. Secondly, Vianet Communications constitute 67,171 subscribers covering 14% in fiber market. Similarly, in third, fourth and Fifth comes Classic tech,Subisu Cablenet and TechMinds Network respectively.

total Fiber subscribers in nepal by isp 2019
Fig: Total Fiber Subscribers in Nepal by ISP 2019
fiber subscribers in percentage by isp in 2019
Fig: Fiber subscribers in Percentage by ISP in 2019

From above data we can see, Nepal Doorsanchar Company also known as Nepal telecom have only 3,418 fiber subscribers having just 1% share in fiber subscribers. Similarly, Broadlink, Netmax,Otel,etc are having market capitalization similar to Nepal Doorsanchar.

3. Which operator have largest wireless subscriber?

Wireless subscribers in Nepal occupy only 9% of total internet subscribers having total of 71,998 only by April 2019. Following Chart clearly shows the total wireless subscribers by ISP and their percentage.

Fig: Total Wireless subscribers by ISP in April 2019
Fig: Total wireless subscribers of ISP by Percentage 2019

Out of 71,998 subscribers, Broadlink Network have highest subscribers of 23,624 capturing one third of whole market as 33%. While,Nepal Doorsanchar company stand at second place by 25% i.e 18,066 subscribers. Meanwhile, Nepal telecom is providing wireless services through WiMax and EVDO. Similarly, on third,Subisu cablenet stands with 8,603 subscribers taking 12% of market share in wireless internet. While, WorldLink, which have highest subscriber in Fiber, have just 3,872 subscribers consisting only 5% of overall wireless market.

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4. Which operator have highest cable internet subscribers?

The following charts shows the total cable internet subscribers in Nepal by ISP in 2019.

Fig: Total cable subscribers by operator and percentage in April, 2019

From above figure, we can clearly see Nepal Telecom have highest market capitalization in cable subscribers by flat 84% with total 211,513 subscribers. Along, subisu cablenet have 12%, sky cable tv have 2%, and websurfer have 2%.

In Nepal, from above data, we can conclude that people are in demand for high speed internet so are referring to use fiber internet services. Moreover, cable net and wireless technology is still in use but is declining phase. In future, fiber internet services is likely to dominate the market.

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