List of Telecom Engineer Jobs in Nepal

Are you at engineering college and wants to make a carrier in telecommunication field? But don’t know what kind of work need to be done? If then, don’t worry this post is for you because we have covered all the types of jobs that are done in telecommunication field by telecom engineer in Nepal.

1. Drive Test (DT)/ RF Engineer:

It is the job where entry level as well as experienced engineer apply for. It is pure communication field and for this work, handsets with special installed software is provided with GPS and the signal strength of the BTS (tower) is checked and measured. The task here, is you have to monitor and save the received signal strength of the antenna. BTS is mainly formed by BBU,RRU and Antenna.

The parameter like radio signal quality,call quality, signal to noise ratio,receive signal level,etc are measured and saved as log file. This log file is used for further analysis like call drop, measure electrical tilt of antenna, sector swap and many more. You have to sit on the 4 wheeler vehicle and measure signal in the given area near to the BTS. Later, after few years of experience, same DT engineer will do task of radio frequency (RF) planning and optimization.

2. Site/Field Engineer:

When the BTS or the tower is made, then there are various mistakes like wrong placement of equipment’s, improper routing of cables and wires and many more. Then the site engineer command to the technician or the engineer to make or repair as according to the criteria of the telecom company. For this job, one need to have sound skill and knowledge and this skill is acquired by doing the job as a technician. This job is not difficult but need to have skill at first. As site engineer, many telecom vendor company in Nepal hire freshers for this jobs as internship.

3. NOC/Nok Engineer/Operator:

Pronounced as a knock, it’s full form is Network Operation Center. NOC is the real time centralized station where every devices connected in network can be monitor,access or controlled from a single place. This is the entry level and a very easy job. One have to sit on the office and check the current status of the BTS like whether its antenna is working or not, whether the power is off or not ,sensor of the BTS room and many more. Similarly, link between the towers like optical/fiber is also monitored. Similarly, core network equipment’s like Data Center, Gateway, International Link, MSC, Packet Network, circuit network and its alarm is also monitored. It is the best job suited to get experience in the field of telecommunication.

In Nepal, every telecom company have network operation center to monitor its overall network being in one place. Telecom company like Nepal Telecom, Ncell, Smartcell have have been operating this centralized center for its smooth operation of the network for 24/7.

4. TSSR survey:

TSSR stands for Technical site survey report. This survey is done in the area where there is need to install the new BTS system. In addition, it includes the feasibility study of the new site like power transmission system, transportation feasibility, height needed to  install the antenna,and many more. For the purpose of survey, GPS device is needed to track the feasibility point of places and the camera to capture the nearby panoramic view. The study of panoramic photos helps for the feasibility of the site coverage by the antenna. This job doesn’t require much more sound knowledge but needs a brief working details before proceeding. In Nepal, many company do TSSR survey using telecom engineer.

5. Operation and Maintenance:

It is referred as ONM. This job is to incorporate with the customer and the service provide company, for the maintenance needed of the telecom equipment and to maintain the network service more effective.

This required management as well as technical skills. This job is office job and don’t need to visit the site.

6. FO Engineer:

FO stands for Fully Outdoor. It is the work of the microwave link. Here, microwave antenna is installed and commissioned with the near by microwave antenna. Now the linked MW antenna is used for the smooth operation and exchange of the communication path to the near by BSC and MSC system. This also requires the experience but one can do job easily with few months training.

There are many FO devices like Huwei, NEC, ZTE,ceragon. These devices connect one tower to other.

If you are engineer and want to work in the telecom field in Nepal, these are the most common telecom jobs found. Above all, most common job among all of them is site engineer. Most telecom outsource company hire fresher as well as experienced telecom engineer to support and manage the project. But for project, one needs to go to different places, which remains fun for some while hectic for others.

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  • I have more than 5yrs experience in RF Engineer(like DT Engineer, Co-ordinator & RNO Engineer) for any Vacancy.

  • I have 5 years plus experience on RF sector plus repeater and IBS sector.

  • Devendra kumar patel

    I have 10 years experience in telecom field, currently I am working with Reliance jio project. Also I have 5 years experience in microwave

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      I have 12+ Yrs Experience in telecom Sector . Currently working at Myanmar

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    I’m interested 2 years of experience in site engineer (electrical)

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    I am interested
    Have 12+ years if experience as a Telecom engineer

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      I have 5 year experience in Telecom sector… technician post

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        I have more than 5yrs experience in passive infra(like DG,PIU,SMPS,BATTERY BANK,SLA MEET AND 100% UPTIME) for any Vacancy.

        • Deepak Sapkota

          I have passed Electronics and communication engineering and searching for job
          please help me to find job.

  • Raj kumar chaudhary

    All responsible member of telecome make agood relationship with eachother .Team work is good signal of success.

  • Raj kumar chaudhary

    All responsible member of telecome make agood relationship with eachother .Team work is good signal of success.


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