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Most used Telecom words in Nepal-Full form,meaning

We are going to list the most used Telecom words in Nepal, their full form (acronym) and their meaning. 

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NTA– Nepal Telecommunication Authority: a governing body for telecommunication in Nepal.

NT– Nepal Telecom: government owned and largest telecom company in Nepal.

NTC- Nepal Telecommunication Corporation: a synonym name of Nepal Telecom

SIM- Subscriber Identity Module: a chip used to store the network and customer data. Widely used to connect to respective network.

IMEI: International Mobile Equipment Identity: a unique code given to each mobile handsets . Every equipment’s have different IMEI number.

IMSI: International Mobile Subscriber Identity: 15 digit code, uniquely identify each SIM card in GSM/UMTS network across the whole world.

UE-User Equipment’s: Generally known as mobile or gadgets that can be connected to telecom network.

GSM: Global System for Mobile Communication: Set of Protocols defined by European Union for 2G mobile (Second Generation) communications.

RF: Radio Frequency: Set of frequency defined and used for wireless communication.

VHF: Very High Frequency: Frequency set in between 30 MhZ- 300 MhZ

UHF: Ultra High Frequency: Frequency set in range between 300 MhZ-3 GhZ

HF: High Frequency: Frequency set in rage between 3 MhZ-30 MhZ.

ISP: Internet Service Provider: Institute or company that provides internet services to its customers.

ISPAN: Internet service provider association of Nepal: a common umbrella group of all ISP company in Nepal

FTTH: Fiber to the home: Fiber cable is connected to the customer end for internet services.

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