Nepal Telecommunication Authority urges to make short phone calls as flood hits more than 500 towers

Nepal Telecommunication Authority, NTA on Sunday,14 July, have issued a public notice in regard to use the less phone calls as far as possible because more than 500 BTS towers are affected by flood.

NTA have issued this notice after 2 days as flood have swapped the dwells of Terai and Kathmandu region and have taken the life of more than 50 people within just 3 days.

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Due to continuous rainfall on (Eastern and central region) provinces 1,2 and 3 from 11th July, telecommunication services were affected. The main reason for this is due to the fiber breakage and NEA(electricity) cut off: as NEA poles are swapped away and fiber gets broken. Due to this, more than 500 BTS(Base Transceiver Station) towers are affected combining Nepal Telecom,Ncell and Smart cell. As a result, traffic congestion in network have caused major issues like call unreachable,call drop and call disconnect. Due to this, people are out of contact in the affected region.

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During this scenario of emergency condition, Nepal telecommunication authority pleaded the people not to make calls for long time. In the hope, this will help in release the traffic congestion and only the needy people can avail the service in emergency time. In addition, it aimed to help in smooth operation of humanitarian activities. Furthermore, NTA have directed the telecom operators to get the network back in operation as soon as possible by using alternative paths as far as feasible.The notice published by NTA in leading newspaper is as follows.

nepal telecommunication authority notice during flood in nepal
Fig: Nepal telecommunication authority notice during flood in Nepal

Telecom personals are working hard throughout day and night to make the service available at prompt but due to continuous rainfall and flood,full restoration process may delayed further at least 1 week. So it’s time to make the best use of phone calls as directed by nepal telecommunication authority from our end during this flood.

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