NTA to strictly banned illegal phones in Nepal within 2019

NTA,Nepal Telecommunication Authority, a governing body for telecommunication in Nepal, have recently done agreement to banned the illegal phones in Nepal within 2019. With this in mind, the agreement was done with M/s Numera (M) Malaysia, OSI Consulting Pvt. Ltd., India, and Namaste Global Communication, Singapore (JV) of worth 77 Crore 31 lakh  ( US $ 7.66 million).

According to NTA spokeperson, Purushottam Khanal,” To shut off the illegal phones, Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) will be developed and deployed. This MDMS system will be used to keep record as well as to monitor the IMEI of the phones operating in Nepal. This system will be entirely based on IMEI”.

Neumera will develop, integrate and operate the mobile device management system for next five years. In this system, IMEI of all the cell phones operating in Nepal will be stored. So, if the cell phones is lost or theft, then it can be traced immediately. Additionally, it is believed, this system will mitigate the illegal and criminal activities done using mobile.

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At first phase,NTA will allow to run all the existing phones operating in Nepal. After that, NTA will strictly monitor each and every newly added cell phones and will decide to give the authorization to run in operator network by checking whether it is legally imported or is being claimed for lost/stolen or is illegal to use. So, each and every devices will be categorized as colored list like white,grey and black using its IMEI database.

1. What is black list?

Black list are categorized as the stolen and theft mobiles. This types of cell phones are not permitted to use in operator network. So generally, such handsets will have no access to operator network and will be no use except selling as spare parts. So, in Nepal also, if somebody file case that their phone is lost then NTA will put that phones IMEI into illegal or black list to be banned. However, NTA will use the system to trace the cell phones. So in general, all the black listed cell phones will have no access to telecom operator services.

2. What is grey list?

This list contains the cell phones which are not black listed but also, are not coming from authorized sources or illegally imported or are not registered in NTA mobile database system. This list may get access to network or can get access only after registering to database. Moreover,grey list mobiles will be under supervision. However,this depends upon how NTA will use the mobile database management system.

3. What is white list?

This list contains the mobile phones which are legally imported according to country law. So if you are buying phones from authorize sales center then there may be less chance you need to worry. So this list phones will have full access to the operator services.

4. What is Mobile Database Management System ?

Mobile database management system is a software used to keep record of the IMEI of the devices connected to operator network. Coupled with,this system will be used to classify the whole bunch of IMEI into 3 colored list as Black, Grey and White. At the same time,using this system,for each and every IMEI, individual actions can be taken like giving access to voice calls only or data only and many more. In addition, this system will be integrate with operator network to find details of the IMEI and SIM user. By this way, lost/stolen phones can be traced easily.

5. General Questions and Answers:

A. Phones using in foreign country will run in Nepal or not?

Yes, phones using in foreign country will run in nepal. But for that, at first you need to register your mobile into NTA mobile database system then only they will put your mobile phones in white list and can be used.

B. I have bought theft phone from India/EU/USA in cheaper price, will this phone be used in Nepal or not?

Generally it won’t be use after system will be developed. In India also, same database system is launched. So, if the person who have lost the phone have complained then this phone IMEI will be in black list in India. Now, the mobile database system in Nepal will check the IMEI in NTA system . If the NTA system and India system are interconnected then, each system will check each other database then only it will be decided whether to give permission to use or not. So it all depends whether the system will be interconnected with other country or not but generally it will be connected. So, it will be bad idea to buy the theft phones from India/USA/EU in hope it will be use in Nepal.

C. If someone in foreign country gifted or send a phone in Nepal?

Yes, it can be used but make sure it was not in blacklisted in foreign country. So to use, IMEI should be listed in NTA mobile database system.

D. Will my phones work in Nepal if I use international SIM card while coming/roaming to Nepal?

Yes, it will work. If it doesn’t simply visit or submit the IMEI in NTA mobile database system.

If you have more questions or queries,simply ask in comment section below. I will give best possible answers.

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  • If i am going to buy a second hand phone how can i check if it is lost/stolen phone or not?

    • In the process of buying you should register the IMEI of the phone you buying through the NTA portal. The link is here:
      Then click
      Sign Up—Individual Application
      You will see a form and then submit necessary information.

  • How to register IMEI number in the NTA mobile database??


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