Why NTA to cancel Smartcell license within 15 days?

Nepal Telecommunication Authority, NTA have declared to dismiss Smartcell license within 15 days if they don’t pay Rs 30 crore as they agreed. Smartcell need to pay total of  2 Arab and 59 crore to NTA. However, the remaining amount must be paid within next 3 months.

This decision was made by NTA board members on meeting held on Shrawn-1. “Letters have been sent to all telecom operators who have due amount remaining to paid for NTA. They have been given 15 days to provide the necessary reasons for the payment. After that, if they failed to pay the the  agreed amount, their license will be automatically cancelled, according to Purshottam Khanal, chairman of NTA.

Meetings held by NTAs member on shrawn 1, they decided to give 10 days ultimatum to telecom operators including smartcell to give fixed reason for this pending amount. In response to this, Smart cell have urged to pay Rs 30 Crore within 15 days and remaining amount in next 3 months.

Similarly, another telecom company, Nepal Satellite Telecom(STM) have also not paid total 90 crore to NTA. However, the exact decision for this telecom operator have not been decided yet. For this, NTA will held meetings on Shrawn 16.

NTA also have urged to all ISP, telecom company and networking institute to pay the remaining amount otherwise their license will be automatically cancel.

Currently, smartcell is operating and expanding its network in major places of Nepal. Due to its low priced 4G data, it has been popular to youngsters. Also, according to drive test by NTA, 4G speed of Smartcell was found superior than NTC and Ncell in Lalitpur area.

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