NTC vs Ncell vs Smarttel data pack: Smarttel is best!

Nepali Telecom operators, Nepal telecom corporation(NTC), Ncell and Smarttel have offered amazing all time data pack services in July 2019. In this post, we will compare with their all time data pack for 1 month with the cost. And,we will guide you the best one to choose and why?

1. Comparison of all time data pack:

OperatorPack NameData(GB)Validity Period(days)Price in Rs (including all taxes)Subscription Code
NTC1GB Per Day Data Pack2828Rs 850Type 28D28G and Send SMS to 1415
NTCAll Time Data Pack1.528Rs 240Type Data1500MB and Send SMS to 1415
NTCAll Time Data Pack4.528 Rs 500Type Data4500MB and Send SMS to 1415
NcellGajjabko Data Pack3(Normal)+3(4Gonly)=Total 6GB30 daysRs 453.30 Dial *17123# to buy.
NcellSahi Data Pack16 30 daysRs 1,020.24Dial *17123# to buy.
NcellDaami Data Pack530 daysRs 573.33Dial *17123# to buy.
NcellRamro Data Pack6 = 3(3G/4G)+3(4G only)30 daysRs 343.49Dial *17123# to buy.
Smarttel2 GB + 2 GB4 30 daysRs 254.10*141*3*1*4#
Smarttel5 GB + 5 GB1030 daysRs 407.33*141*3*1*5#

NTC data pack named”1GB/day” is that 1GB must be used daily. If we don’t use, then per day 1GB data will be reduced. Other pack’s can be used within 4G or 3G or 2G depending upon our wish.

Ncell data pack where 4G only is noted, that amount of data must be used with the 4G network. That 4G data cannot be used in 3G or 2G network.

Smarttel haven’t defined any restriction in usage of data. So data can be used in either 2G or 4G depending the network or wish.

2. Comparison:

With all comparison, NTC 1GB/day for 28 days of 28GB is the most economical in price,if we consumed 1GB data per day which cost total of Rs 850. Similarly, Ncell 16GB data pack cost Rs 1,020.24. Both are the most economical data packs within their own offers, but in comparison NTC beat Ncell as they offer 28GB in Rs 850 while Ncell offer only 16GB for Rs 1050. But overall, Smarttel 10GB, which cost Rs 407.33 for 30 days is the most adorable data pack without any restriction, as posses by NTC and Ncell.

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3. Conclusion:

So in conclusion, we suggest using Smarttel 10GB pack which cost Rs 407 for 30 days as compared to NTC and Ncell all time data pack.

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