Total 4 Crore SIM cards are sold in Nepal by 2019

According to NTA, Nepal Telecommunication Authority, almost 4 crore SIM cards are sold in Nepal by 2019. According to data published by NTA on Management Information System-MIS, total 3 crore 99 lakh 88 thousand 7 hundred and 52 individual SIM cards are sold by telecom vendors in Nepal by the end of April 2019.

According to MIS report, Nepal Telecom have sold 19,757,680 GSM SIM cards and 1,651,425 CDMA SIM cards. While, Ncell have sold 16,549,592 units of SIM cards. Similarly, Smartcell have sold 2,030,055 number of SIM cards Likewise, the number of landline users are 677,368.

In total, combining SIM cards and Landline, there are 40,779,000 users as the NTA MIS data shows.

Internet users reach to 1 Crore 86 Lakhs

By April 2019, total internet users in Nepal have reached to 1 crore and 86 lakhs. Out of them, 1 crore and 47 lakhs are mobile internet users. Among them, 1 crore 9 lakh users are using 3G services while 36 lakhs are using 4G LTE services.

Currently, Nepal Telecom, Ncell and Smart Telecom are providing 2G,3G and 4G LTE services. Likewise, CG Telecom is also in race to provide 4G services and have done contract with Huawei for BTS installation. Similarly, Nepal Telecom have successfully successfully tested the VoLTE service for the first time in Nepal.

Likewise, fixed broadband (wireless and wired) internet subscribers from Internet Service Provider, ISP, have reached to 2,891,104.

In summary, out of total internet subscribers from different vendors, Nepal Telecom have 88 lakhs 78 thousand users while Ncell have 67 Lakh 41 thousands and Smart cell have 1 lakhs 74 thousand.

The market occupancy by mobile is 79%, fixed(wired) by 19% and fixed wireless by 2%.

market share by broadband internet in nepal
Fig: market share by broadband internet in Nepal

On analyzing, the internet user percentage is 63.31%. But single person can use multiple internet services like GSM, PSTN and ISP broadband. So we cannot say that 63.31% of Nepalese use internet services. But the uses of internet in Nepal is increasing day by day as internet is becoming cheaper and is becoming easily accessible to majority places.

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