What is NOC? Network Operation Center: Job details

NOC is the centralized center where all the network operations are monitored, supervise, maintained and managed in real time. In simple words, all the network devices are monitored and maintained by sitting in a single place. These center are in under surveillance by operator for 24/7.

So to monitor network device sitting in a single place, all the network equipment’s must send the real time operations information into that centralized control room. But, the variance of equipment’s in different location should not effect it. Then only we can monitor and can called that center as a NOC.

So, what is operations information??

Operation Information is the log or the work details generated by the equipment’s during its operation. Equipment generates a lot of logs or we can called them as alarm also. Suppose, if we monitor the “Router” in real time, we can see several log generated by it like: the number of packets received and sent, number of device connected to it, run time since it last started and many more.

Likewise, there are other various devices which are located in different area and they sent such information into the main center. After that, by seeing the performance and alarms of the device, NOC person can mitigate the issue as needed. Also NOC operator do other activities like analysis, troubleshooting, maintaining the report, sending the team to rectify the issues and many more.

The network operation center are established in major field where services are critical. These below are the list of areas where NOC implemented and they are:

Railways Department
Airlines and Airport
Internet Service Provider

In Nepal also, NOC is deployed in major network companies including Nepal Telecom, Ncell, Smartcell, Nepal Police, Airport, Worldlink, Vianet and other various companies. Likewise, telecom vendor like Huawei and ZTE also run their own NOC to monitor their network equipments installed in various telecom operator.

By sitting in NOC center, operator have the following major responsibilities but not limited to:

a. Network monitoring including logs, alarms and flaws monitoring.

b. Issues escalation in time to responsible team to minimize the loss.

c. Team coordination within the internal or external team.

d. Report making, analysis and supervise.

e. Support to the team and customer.

So, these are the main work of NOC engineer or operator in NOC center.

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