Mahabir Pun’s National Innovation Center amazing projects

National Innovation Center, NIC was established in 2012 as non profit company by Nepal’s ICT Pioneer Mahabir Pun to support and innovate the new ideas. By 2019, it have been successful to provide Research and Development facility to more than 2 dozens of enthusiast who are able to change their larva’s into Caterpillar.

Over the course, NIC have been funding the ideas by providing the necessary tools, equipment’s and materials. Being located under the premise of Tribhuvan University, it have been proved a source of inspiration and motivation to the fellows who dreams to change something good in the society by innovating something new.

Out of many projects.l, we are summarizing few exiting projects which are currently in development phase or either went to testing phase.

1. Medical Drone:

Drone was made in-order to supply the medicine in the remote areas of Nepal. After the visit in National Innovation Center, various types of drone was made for long as well as short distance. Fixed wing was made for long distance and Quad/Octa copter drone was made for short distance. The first test flight was done in Chaitra 25,2074 BS in Myagdi District and test was successful.

Fig: Octacore drone made in Nepal Innovation Center

The NIC team have planned to commercialize the drone inorder to supply the medicine including blood also.

2. Sel Roti making machine:

Engineering student are making this sel roti making machine which they aimed can make at least 30 pieces per minute. Out of various projects, this is one of the most innovating as this type of machine haven’t yet made in Nepal. The reason is sel roti is the typical nepali food item which is not known in other country’s culture.

Fig: Sel Roti making machine in National Innovation Center Nepal

The team is working hard to commercialize the prototype in the market before dashian 2076. Indeed, they are in under construction but what they aimed is great.

3. Monkey chasing machine:

Out of diversifying project, this is also one of its kind. In rural areas where monkeys have been a keen problem in their agriculture plants, this supposed to solve problem by chsing the monkey. This machine will produce the various sounds of dog, lion, bell and many more.

4. Sabji Kothi:

Farmers can use the removable memory card to load the sound and insert it in machine. After that, the machine will make large sound, that will keep the monkeys away. This project is also running and is under testing. Upon successfull completion of this peoject, farmers will surely get benefited.

Fig: Sabji Kothi in National Innovation Center in Nepal

It is similar to the cold store but here not any chemicals or gases are used. It can be utilized for the storage of perishable fruit and vegetable produce ranging from 10 to 40 days depending upon the particular crop.

SabjiKothi is a low-cost, technological solution that extends the shelf life of perishable horticultural produce through the construction of an high-humid and sterile, controlled micro climate in an isolated chamber incorporated with technology. It suppresses respiration rate, inhibits ethylene biosynthesis as well as oxidizes ethylene into small molecules, delays browning as well as ripening and regulate the activity of the antioxidant enzyme. The controlled micro climate created inside the airtight chamber enables the storage of fruits and vegetables for anywhere between 10 to 40 days. It is one of its kind as it does not require cooling and any chemical to extend the shelf-life of horticultural produce and is a green solution. The complete setup operates on 15-watt solar panel and requires up to 5 liter of water in a week, and no further maintenance is needed.

This projects have been already developed and for capacity of 200-300 kg it cost only 10,000.

5. Solar thermal Water Heater:

Students and Professors in Kathmandu University are working to improve the efficiency of existing solar thermal collector (STC) technology using selective coating of Nano-particles for water heating applications. In order to address the low efficiency and the limited longevity of Nepal made solar thermal collector (STC) technology, they have designed and developed a selective coating based STC manufacturing technology.

Fig: Solar Thermal Heater prototype in Kathmandu University

With using new materials for coating, they found 15% increase in temperature of water. Now they are doing for bigger samples.

These are among the 5 projects that we mention here. There are more than 15 projects running in the innovation center. Some of the projects are also under collaboration with other colleges and university like KU. If you are interested in innovating products that can make possible income by selling in Nepali market, then the Nepal Innovation Center is the right place. As you don’t need any investement, NIC nepal will do all the investment.

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