Ncell installed BTS in NEA poles to extend 4G network

Ncell, private telecom company in Nepal, have used NEA (Nepal Electricity Authority) poles to installed telecom equipment’s (BTS) to extend their network. Currently, Ncell have been providing latest 4G network and are rapidly expanding their network.

This type of new BTS in NEA poles have been the first of its kind in Nepal. Before, such technology was not used. Still, in order to install telecom equipment’s either a house roof or the tower erection from the ground level is needed. But, using this already existed poles to install telecom equipment’s leads not only in reduction in expenses of telcos but also better utilization of the NEA poles. This also reduces the conflict between the land/house owner and the telecom operator.

How does pole tower work?

In earlier BTS, there were many equipment’s installed in a same BTS that can be used to run 2G/3G and 4G at a same time. But here, as we can see there are only a few equipment’s installed so only a specified service can be into operation. Some users suggest that, 4G LTE works faster when they are in around this pole tower network. So we can suggest, Ncell may have been providing 4G LTE services by using this NEA poles.

In order to communicate to their Main Switching Center(MSC), there is optical fiber connection between such BTS. For power, direct lines have been pulled from the NEA feeder line. So by this way, the pole tower of Ncell have been into operation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of pole tower in Nepal

Advantages: Better utilization of NEA poles. As 80% of the NEA poles are empty. This also leads to increase in revenue to NEA. For telecom operator, they save huge amount of money that need to be paid for house/land owner every month. Also, the confusion and conflicts that arise between operator and the owner is also solved.

Disadvantages: For repair and maintenance, there is risk as NEA poles doesn’t have any ladder. In upper most, there is electricity going through transmission line, so there is risk of short circuit during maintenance work. In Kathmandu, the NEA poles are scrambled by ISP wires, if further equipment’s on the same pole are installed then there may arise a huge problems.

This is the scenario for the only one telecom operator. If other telecom operator also wants to make pole as telecom tower, then what will happen??

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