Ncell Unlimited voice pack offer at Rs 16 from 5 AM-5 PM

Ncell private limited have launched the new unlimited voice pack offer which will cost Rs 15,32/day. However, this will be effective from 5AM to 5 PM only but will be validated for 24 hrs.

This cost is inclusive of all the taxes. The tax include like 13% Telecommunication Service Charge and 13% VAT. So now users can seemingly use unlimited voice pack at a fixed price.

How to Activate Unlimited 5 AM- 5 PM voice pack?

There are three process. One can call, SMS or use USSD code directly to buy this unlimited daily voice pack.

USSDDial *17114# & select 1
IVRDial 17114 & press 1
SMSType A and SMS to 17114

All the prepaid and postpaid customer can buy and use this service within the Ncell network.

Before 5 AM and after 5 PM, the voice call will be charge as of Normal tariff. So users need to check the time before making calls after buying the Ncell Voice Pack .

In the mean time,Nepal telecom have already launched such service as Rs 9 for 90 minutes voice pack from 5AM to 5P. It is believed, Ncell have launched this service in counter to Nepal Telecom offer.

But in case of fraudulent practice( शङ्कास्पद अभ्यास ), the unlimited voice pack of ncell for users will be limited to 500 minutes per day.

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