Nepal Government to launch Citizen app for government services

Nepal government is set to launch its own “Citizen App” for Nepalese people to provide the government services digitally.

Nepal government will use the individual mobile SIM users as a identity. With regard to this, Nepal Telecommunication Authority have also suggested to use the own registered SIM card. So integrating the citizen with the mobile SIM users have been on of the easy way to register the individual users and to provide government services.

What is Citizen App?

Citizen application is the Nepali government application where all the government related services and information will be available digitally in one application. This app will use the individual SIM card information as an identification.

There is not any formal news disclosed by the Nepal government of this services but as suggest, it may include different services from vital registration to security services.

What are the advantages of citizen app?

The app will use the SIM information. And with regard to this, app will provide various government services and information. The services will include vital registration like birth, marriage, death. This app will also provide other services like police, ambulance and security alerts.

The alerts during natural calamities like flood, landslides, earthquake will also be provided. In addition, government may able to monitor and track the individual if any risk involved. The Ministry of Home Affairs(MoHA) will be able to make the peace consistent using this app.

Such type of application have been currently deployed in some state of United states and in some countries of Europe.

In summary, if properly implemented, along with government services, security of the individual will also be highly guaranteed.

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