NTA urged Mobile SIM users in Nepal to use their own SIM card

Nepal Telecommunication Authority, NTA have recommended to all the mobile SIM users to use their own name registered SIM cards from now.

NTA have published a notice regarding this information. The main reason is Nepal government is aimed to provide the government services to the Nepalese citizen via app named “Citizen App“. The services using this app will be fully digital. So, for the services, Nepal government will be integrating the mobile numbers as identity of the citizen.

So NTA, the regulating body for telecom in Nepal have urged to all SIM users to use their own SIM card. Also NTA suggest that before using any other’s registered SIM card, kindly register to their own name before using others SIM card.

How to check if you are using your own registered SIM card or not?

1. For Nepal Telecom users:

1.SIM card users need to visit to the nearest Nepal telecom offices and inquiry about the SIM card information. They will tell details of the SIM card.

2. Users also call call to Nepal telecom call center number 1498 and query whether this called number is of this name or not. They won’t tell you the name but they will verify the registered name if you tell them the name.

2. For Ncell users:

For Ncell users just dial *9966# . You will get the register name instantly.

How to register existing SIM card into your own name?

In order to register the using SIM card in your own name, you need to visit the nearest Nepal Telecom office, Ncell center or Smart telecom center with valid government documents like Citizenship, Passport, driving license and voting card.

We also suggest to use the own named registered SIM card as does by Nepal telecommunication Authority.

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