Only 30% local levels are connected by high speed internet

The installation works of high speed internet connectivity to local levels, ward office, government schools, government hospitals and health post have just completed only 30% by the end of Asar 2076. Nepal Government aimed to provide basic internet connectivity to all local levels within 75/76.

According to data published by NTA– Nepal Telecommunication Authority on Shrawn. Out of selected 723 local levels for internet connectivity, only 318 were completed. This accounts for 44% of work completion rate.

Similarly, out of 5913 selected ward office, only 1574 ward office were facilitated by internet service by this time. For this, the completion rate is just 26.6 %.

Likewise, there were 5801 selected government schools where internet connectivity should be connected but only 1849 schools were latched by high speed internet till date. Here only 31% of schools were enriched by internet access but remaining 69% are still awaiting for connection.

At last, out of 4504 selected hospitals and health post, only 1567 health institute were connected by internet. Here only 28% of health care center are under internet facility.

In summary, only about 30% of the total internet connectivity works were completed in Local levels, ward office, government schools, government hospital and health care centers. Among them schools where hundreds of thousand studies are out of internet access. Similarity, the local bodies where administration works is done, is also facing the same situation.

Pic Source: globalpressjournal

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