What is 6G,7G network?When can we expect in Nepal?

From 1G to 5G it have been a reality. With time, 6G,7G,8G… concept are coming. So lets discuss what really is 6G,7G network and when can we expect in Nepal?

6G Network:

Currently, telecom sector have been in race in deploying and testing 5G network. 5G network have theoretical speed of 1-10 Gbps. In practical upto 500 Mbps have been achieved.

6G is proposed to be the advanced version of 5G. For 6G network, 5G is incorporated with satellite for more faster,reliable and secure network with very minimal latency. 6G may have speed upto 11 Gbps when using in moving vehicle.

For 6G network, nano antennas with special designed architecture will be installed within few meters like private buildings, malls, poles,etc. The main aim of sixth generation network will be providing various real time information like weather condition, natural calamities (tsunami, earthquake,hurricane) in a very minimal time that earlier was very difficult.

In Nepal and other developing country, 4G LTE are now in expanding process while developed countries are deploying 5G network. However, telecom giant Huawei have already started its 6G research work in Canada. According to Huawei, 6G network wouldn’t be viable before 2030 as it needs a lot of research in both hardware and software.

7G Network:

7G network is expected to do everything the 6G lacks. It would be completely wireless. It will be interconnected to every network from satellite, RADAR, LiDAR and many more new technologies. IoT (Internet of Things) would be very simple using 7G. Expectation of 7G network for next 15-20 years is seems not be possible.


Currently, there are not any country which are using 6G network. 6G network is now just a concept whereas 5G has been a reality. Country like USA, Japan, Korea, Sweden, China, Finland are now deploying 5G network not 6G network.

Huawei is the first telecom company which are doing research in 6G network in Canada.

In Nepal 6G and 7G network may expected after successfully deployed of 6G in other countries. It may take next 10-15 years.

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