What is NPIX, Internet Exchange Nepal and its function?

NPIX is the internet exchange Nepal where all the ISP, telecom operator and content delivery network (CDN) gets connected and exchange the traffic between them. NPIX facilitates keeping local traffic local, making local surfing much more desirable with local content for local customers, at the same time saving international bandwidth.

NPIX is the nepal’s own internet exchange point which is located in two places, Jwalakhel and Putalisadak. Every country have their own internet exchange point for providing the internet exchange services.

NPIX is the non profit company registered under government of Nepal. Currently 28 members are connecting to NPIX center (Jwalakhel and Putalisadak). Internet providers including Ncell, Worldlink, Vianet, subsisu are connected to NPIX center.

NPIX contain 100 Mbps and 1Gbps port for the internet providers to connect to its exchange point.

What is the function of Internet Exchange Point, IXP ?

The motive,characteristics and function of an Internet exchange is to be a point where more than one ISPs can interconnect to each other without any problems. All ISPs ought to work with different ISPs to make sure that traffic is delivered. Having every ISP  buying a link to each and every different ISP is prohibitively expensive. It turns out to be more fruitful having all ISPs to interconnect at a single place and then have them interconnected to each other from the same place.

Internet exchange point helps to separate and route the local and international traffic. Internet exchange point contains the high speed switches and routers with set of IP pool of each ISP connected to it’s center. For incoming IP’s, it will check intelligently and forward to the necessary path.

If we want to access to the data of the server located within Nepal, then NPIX would route our path to that server locally without going through international link. Thus it will save the international bandwidth.

We can check and know the traffic that NPIX currently have by this link

The members of NPIX are:

Allied Netlink Technology Pvt. Ltd..
Broadlink Pvt. Ltd.
Barahi Internet Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Cherry World Communication
ClassicTech Pvt. Ltd.
Cloud Himalaya Pvt. Ltd.
Communication & Communicate Nepal.
Data Space Pvt. Ltd.
Department of IT (DoIT), GON
Fiber Online FOL
First link communication Pvt. Ltd.
Highland international pvt.Ltd
IBSS Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
Infocom Pvt. Ltd.
Kantipur Publications Pvt. Ltd.
Lumbini Net
Loop Networks Pvt. Ltd.
Mercantile Communications
NCell Pvt. Ltd.
Nepal Research and Education Network
Nepal Telecom
NetMax Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
NITV Streamz Pvt. Ltd.
NITC – Government of Nepal
Otel Communication Pvt. Ltd.
Prabhu tv Pvt. Ltd.
Subisu CableNet
Sky Broadband
Silverlining Private Limited
Techminds Network Pvt. Ltd.
United Telecom (UTL)
Ultranet Communication PVT LTD
Vianet Pvt. Ltd.
Websurfer Pvt. Ltd
World Link Communications
Nepal Internet Exchange (npIX)
Packet Clearing House (PCH) DNS Anycast
Packet Clearing House (PCH) Looking Glass

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