Tootle vs Pathao: Pros-Cons for Rider and User

Tootle and Pathao being a ride sharing platform have its own unique features and qualities. After using both Tootle and Pathao from a quite long. I have summarize the Pros and Cons of both the ride sharing platform as Tootle Vs Pathao.

If you have a bike and want’s to earn money being full timer or a part timer, then we will help you for choosing the best. Also if you want to travel using these app and confuse which one is best, don’t worry read the full post, we will make you clear.

For rider, they want to earn more money in short duration while this becomes opposite for the user. As user want’s to travel long distance by paying less.

However, one thing is common is that they use the google maps for route definition and price calculation. Lets discuss and compare Tootle and Pathao as an rider and an user for two wheeler.

1. Tottle:

Tottle was founded in 2017 by entrepreneur, engineer and banker Sixit Bhatta in kathmandu. Tootle is the first ride sharing platform in the world innovated in Nepal. Currently, it have more than 30 thousands full time rider.

A. Pros of Tootle:

I. Easy interface:

It has very easy interface. One can just select the pickup location and dropped off location. After this, the fare with the distance is automatically calculated.

II. Ride Code for security:

After user select the route and conform the ride, the ride code will appear. The ride code is 4 digit unique number, which is used for secure identification of the route. After, rider dropped the users, the users need to tell the ride code appeared on the mobile screen. Then, the rider will be able to complete the transaction. This features forced the rider to take the user in the desired location as the user want. If rider want’s to complete the ride before reaching the exact dropped off location, then the system won’t allow to complete the transaction.

III. Cheap:

As compare with other ride sharing app like Pathao, tootle is cheap by almost 10-20%. So for user, its very cheap. The base fare is Rs 60/3kms. After, 3 Km to 6 Km, the price will be Rs 18/Km and after 6 Km onward, the price will be Rs 25/Km.

IV. Less Commission:

If you are a tootle rider or want’t to become a tootle rider, then this is the thing you must know. Tootle charge 20% for upto 4 ride and after 5 or greater than 5 ride, the commission would be dropped to just 4% of your income. This is the commission charged by the tootle company. If you look at Pathao, the commission is 20% for every ride you make whether you make 1 or 5.

V. Rider flexibility for route selection:

Here, rider can even cancel the ride. So if you are working at office and during the journey you want to earn money by sharing the ride then you have flexibility in the tootle. You can select the route in accordance with your own route. So despite having user authority to cancel the route, here rider also can select and deselect the route.

B. Cons of Tootle:

I. No extended user ratings:

Though it have rating facility of the rider, but there is not extra ratings like the habit of the rider.

II. Price increase with KM increase:

For upto 3 Km the base price is Rs 60. Also for up to 6 Km the price is Rs 18/Km after 3 Km but after that for every Km, the price is Rs 25/Km which is expensive for long distance ride.

III. Fixed time service 6 AM-9 PM:

Unlike Pathao, tootle only provide fixed time services from morning 6 AM to night 9 PM.After this time, the tootle services is not available. According to tootle founder, this have been done due to lack of proper security.

Download tootle:

Android Users:

Android Rider:

Apple Users:

Apple Rider:

2. Pathao:

Pathao is a Bangladeshi transportation network company headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In September 2018, Pathao started services in Nepal.

A. Pros of Pathao:

I. Extended user ratings:

Unlike tootle, it have enlarged ratings available in the app. After each successful complete of the ride, the users can have multiple options to select the user ratings of the rider like whether the rider offered helmet or not, professional rider or not, bike was clean or not and many more. Even, there is option that if they overcharged or not.

II. Greater security:

The security here is that, every patho rider must open the app with gps enabled so that the Pathao office can remotely checked the location. Even, the Pathao personal will call the users for any cases involved for greater security. However, for price there is not security as like in tootle.

III. Price increase with distance:

Unlike tootle, here in pathao you can go to the places whereever you want and pay the bill after the total distance covered. In tootle, the price is already fixed and there is not system for price on the go. So, if the rider is clever, they will cover the longer distance so that the price incurred will be greater.

IV. 24 Hour Service:

Despite the security, Pathao is currently providing services 24/7. So unlike tootle, they are offering services throughout the day and night.

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V. Route notification for nearby riders only:

In Pathao, the rider will get the notification of the user who location is nearby with their locations. Unlike tootle, only nearby rider will get the notifications. So, this helps is quick peak up and faster service availability.

B. Cons of Pathao:

I. Rider are notified of only nearby users:

If new users want’s to take ride, then the notification will be sent to nearby pathao rider. Rider don’t have freedom to go to the selected route.

2. Rider can’t cancel the route:

In tootle, rider can also cancel the route and can go to the route by managing themselves but here, riders don’t have a freedom to cancel the route. If they do, they will be penalized. So managing the route is kinda difficult here if you want to make a part time passive income.

3. Expensive:

Unlike tootle, Pathao is more expensive. The base fare is Rs 30. This means Rs 30 will be charged on every ride. After base fare, there is separate charge for every kilometer. However, the charge is Rs 15/Km. The minimum fare is Rs 45, i.e it will cover just one Km (Rs 30 as base fare+Rs 15/Km).

After, 9 PM to 10 PM, the surge is applied by 10% of the normal rate. From 10 PM to 12 AM midnight, surge is applied by 20% and after 12 AM to morning 5 AM, the surge applied by 100%.

4. High Commission:

As users pay the high amount, the rider also pay the high charge to the service provider Pathao. The charge is 20% flat on every ride. There is not a minimum system ride like the tootle is offering. So, for rider also this 20% has become a quite hectic.

Download Pathao:

Android Users: and use code: “IEPDP”for discount coupon

Apple Users: and use code: “IEPDP” for discount coupon

For Android Rider:

So, in conclusion wrapping up:

For rider who want’s to do work in night also, Pathao is best in vs with Tootle as in night the charge is doubled but for part time users like office workers having fixed schedule, I recommend Tootle as it is convenient. For security reasons, riding in night is still insecure and risky. Many rider now a days used both Tootle and Pathao. But due to high commission by Pathao, many riders are also switching to the Tootle.

For user, Tootle is best as it is cheaper than Pathao.But due to fixed service time (6 AM-9PM), users who want’s bike service except this time don’t have alternative to Pathao. I am like this type of users.

More About Pathao and Tootle:

Apart from ride sharing platform for two wheelers, Pathao have also been providing taxi services. Now they have been providing logistics services as Pathao food which is similar to Foodmandu. On the other hand, Tootle being a nations own product have also widens its services to taxi’s. We wish both of them a good luck to cater the best services by facilitating both rider and user.

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