Nepal government to punish Tootle and Pathao for using private vehicles to carry passengers

Nepal government on 20th November 2019 have issued a notice to punish these ride sharing startups as they are using the private vehicles to carry the public passengers.

Nepal government, department of road and transport have issued a notice on this stating Nepal constitution doesn’t allow the private vehicles to carry the public people. For this, the vehicles must be registered on the public number plate. Public plate number have white number on the black background.

This warning have came after taxi association have complained to department of road and transportation that two wheeler have took their job by carrying passengers. They also complained that they have invested huge amount on taxis for this service but now after this, they are left vacant as people moved through two wheeler.

Before also, police have arrested the Tootle and Pathao rider for illegally carrying passengers. However due to criticize from public, prime minister KP Oli personally have intervened and would allow the young entrepreneur to do the business but they should be registered according to rules of taxation. Now, the same issue is arising and let’s see how the government will respond.

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