Internet disturbs in Thamel after local cuts hanging wires

Internet services have been disturbed in the Thamel area since sunday (15 december 2019) as the locals cuts the hanging wires.

The local have cut the wires as many hanged and un-managed wires have deteriorated the beauty. They cut the wires of different ISP’s including worldlink, vianet, subisu, websurfer, Ncell and Nepal Telecom.

Locals have been now been involved in making Thamel a beauty place because tourist mostly make thamel as their first destination in nepal.

After this incident, the ISP federation association have halted to install the cables to resume the internet as they demand for security and punishment to the people doing this activity. They said, they are already in loss due to such activity. They also want that in future such activities won’t be happen. Even they have filed the case to the police against the people doing this activities.

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