Ncell Axiata constructing South Asia’s largest Data Center in Nepal

Ncell, the private leading telecom company in nepal is constructing the largest data center in Nakkhu, kathmandu. According to Ncell, it would be the largest of its kind in south Asia.

Ncell have been constructing the Data Center (DC) with the investment of Rs 2 Arab. They aimed to store the digital data of different company and will be on operation from April 2020. The contract have been given to Chinese telecom and technology firm company, Huawei.

This DC is being constructed in Nakkhu, Lalitpur. According to Ncell, there are many enterprise company in nepal where the data is critical. Even these company have their own data center but not in sufficient. The construction of DC is itself a costly along with the maintenance is more challenging. So with the need of data storing solution, Ncell have moved to make a data center.

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The infrastructure for this DC is going on and is on final phase. In Ncell network itself, this DC will be the fourth having highest capacity and investement. Other three DC are located in Pokhara, Hetauda/Birjung and Biratnagar.

After the panic earthquake in 2072 BS, many companies have realized that the data storage, security and accessibility will be the foremost problem in upcoming days. With vision to fulfill this issues, Ncell even have cared for infrastructure which will face upto 9 Richter scale earthquake as they stated.

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Amazon and Microsoft DC have been recognized as the top data center in the world. According to Ncell , Ncell new DC will be the same standard as that of Amazon and Microsoft. Like these company, Ncell will also provide space to the client who want to use their data center.

With the advancement in technology, data have been the most powerful source. So the companies like ISP, Telecom, Banks, INGO’s and corporate organization are in need for such data center. Currently in Nepal, many banks and organization are using the foreign country: mostly India and Singapore DC to store the information. Nepalese banks are giving huge money to foreign country by using the services.

Ncell will open their own “Cloud” to facilitate the flow of data to and from data center. Using cloud, individual client can access their information hosted/stored in the Ncell data center.

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