Ncell to provide Vehicle Tracking System services

Ncell Private Ltd, the leading telecom operator of Nepal is now planning to launch the Vehicle Tracking System. They aimed to provide the services to the companies working in transportation sector.

Ncell now have been providing the Business solution to the corporate including enterprise services. This vehicle tracking system is one of the services.

Using this system, companies can remotely monitor the vehicles where it is going. This will help in greater mobilization of the vehicles and even the driver cannot lie. As in vehicle logistics: driver mostly lie by saying the fake location. After this service such type of negligence can be drastically minimized.

Even, there will be reduce in fuel consumption and maintenance cost due to real time monitoring of the vehicles. This services have already been used by some of the organization including United Nations and Foreign Aid Corporation Agency.

Ncell a part from mobile communication now been moving towards the enterprise solution. They have been targeting the large organization by providing the services.

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