Ncell win 1800 band frequency in auction against Nepal Telecom

Ncell, the private telecom company in Nepal on Wednesday 18 December have got the 9 MHz frequency bandwidth in the auction.

Ncell and Nepal Telecom have participated in the auction held in Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) for the remaining 1800 MHz frequency band.

In the same day, Supreme Court have also issued a notice against Nepal government to clarify about CG telecom not participation in frequency auction. Earlier in Mangsir 26, CG telecom have gone supreme court against the decision made by the Nepal government for not making involvement of CG telecom in frequency auction.

In the auction, both Nepal telecom and Ncell have bid the price. In the third round, Ncell have win the auction by paying highest price of Rs 5 crore 80 lakh per MHz. In auction, Ncell have got 9 MHz bandwidth of 1800 band.

1800 band is used in Nepal for 4G LTE services. NTA have directed the telecom operators to provide 4G services in 1800 MHz by using neutral technology. In this technology, telecom operators will use the same 1800 band GSM band for 4G.

After this auction, Ncell will make better use of frequency spectrum for 4G LTE services.

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