Nepal Telecom start pin recovery service: make recharge only by 6 pin

Nepal telecom have launched the pin recovery services from Poush 2. Now the users of Nepal telecom can recharge by the use scratched recharge cards. However, the minimum pin should be 6 out if 16 digits.

Currently, only the web service is provided by the Nepal telecom. Inorder to recharge, users need to visit and put at least 6 digit pin number, serial number and the phone number where the recharge cards to be recharged.

Out of 15 digits pin number, at least 6 digits is compulsory. For other scratched or unreadable pins, users need to type Star aka “*” where the pins number is damaged. Then only the recharge system will work. If there is less than 6 pins and serial number is uncleared, users need to visit the nearby telecom offices or branches to get the new recharge cards. Now this services is expected to make some relief to the customer.

Using this service, minimum 10 times for the same recharge card is allowed. After 10 attempts, if it is unsuccessful then people need to go to the nepal telecom branches.

After this services, Nepal telecom NT have planes to make this service available to their mobile apps.

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