Mobile tarrif to decrease from Chaitra : Intertelecom tarrif to be low as 10 Paisa/ min

Nepal Telecommunication Authority have imposed a new directions where telecom operators must decrease the inter telecom charges and made Rs 10 Paisa/min. However, this will be effective from Chaitra 2076.

NTA have ammend the previous laws which was made in Bhadra 2076, and now have given instructions to all the telecom operators to make a new plan which will be strictly applicable from Chaitra.

The inter telecom charges is the amount paid by one telecom to another telecom for using their services. Suppose, you are using Nepal Telecom and wants to call to Ncell; then for every minutes of calls, Nepal Telecom must pay the charge to the Ncell.

Ncell to make DC-Data Center for collation

Currently, this amount is varied from operator to operator as there is not any fixed amount to imposed. Now, Nepal Telecom is charging Rs 54 Paisa/ min for Ncell as this intertelecom charge. Now after this direction, Nepal Telecom must reduce the tariff by 44 Paisa/min. All this amount is directly paid by the customer.

After this direction, there will be reduced in the mobile tarrif between the different operators. Currently, Ncell is charging Rs 2.54 / min to all the calls made to Nepal Telecom and Smartcel. But on the other hand, Smartcel is charging Rs 1.92/ min to Ncell and Nepal Telecom.

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