What is FUP-Fair Usage Policy? Why it is used?

Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is the rule used by broadband providers to ensure that every subscribers uses the bandwidth in average. Currently, all over the broadband service providers like ISP’s and telecom operators are using this FUP policy in their services.

Why FUP is used?

Before, why FUP have become widely used and popular, we need to know more details about the internet bandwidth.

With the increasing demand of data, bandwidth of internet is heavily utilized. Consumers using the data more rapidly as most of the work are now done through the internet. But in contrast, there is always a fixed bandwidth. So with the same bandwidth, all users need to be make happy with the uses of the data.

In all the broadband service provider, except enterprise services most of the users are using internet in the shared ratio. The shared ratio is where more than one customers uses the same internet by sharing with other customers connected to that point. Suppose, if one users uses high data at a peak time suppose at 8 PM, then rest of the users in the same network would get less traffic. This would cause one users to use highest amount of data while others would not have.

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So, in order to use the data by all the customers in the same network,Fair Usage Policy have been implemented. After this, one customers cannot use the whole data at a same time So that rest of the users would also use the data.

How FUP is applied by ISP’s to customers?

In Nepal also, leading ISP’s like Worldlink, Vianet and Websurfer are using the FUP policy in their services. Suppose, you have taken a plan of 30 Mbps unlimited internet packages. Now, ISP’s will have their own FUP policy where they would give usage of certain data run at 30 Mbps. Then after this, the bandwidth will be throttle.

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So the term “unlimited” is now will be limited as due to data shortage. However for daily usages like browsing internet and checking mails, FUP won’t effect too much. But for downloading and sharing of large files, FUP is necessary. A recent data analytics has shown that 5% of the top heavy users consumes in excess of 40% of overall ISP bandwidth.

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