5 Tips to Telecom Professional to stay away from Covid-19

With the rampant increase in death cases of Covid-19 aka Coronavirus worldwide, there have been an alert in every works. With the lockdown of borders, cities and territories people are instructed to mobilze as less as possible. However, this might sound feasible for general people but for people who is working in very important services like police, health care, food supply, telecommunication,etc this might not be possible.

So, in this blog we will discuss about the 5 safety tips for telecommunication field professionals who have been actively working despite of this pandemic corona virus effect. So we wish you follow these below steps to prevent from covid 19.

1. Adapt remote work:

We know there are many works which can be done from home. But before this outbreak, we have never practiced such working ethics from remote or home. Working from home includes services like configuring ports, switching and routing devices, upgrading patch, checking mails and servers, etc. So such services can be done from home/remote being safe and isolated. However, as we already told many companies will never be willing to adapt this change as it might get insecure about the data security. However, we should convince them that “Health is everything”.

2. Avoid Unnecessary Movement:

We know being a telecom personal we are forced to work under such pandemic and harsh condition. But, doing work doesn’t mean that you should move here and there to solve the issue. There are many issues which can be solved automatically. Like due to electricity cutoff, high temperature,etc the BTS or site may gets down. But keep patience for at least a couple of hours as such alarms will be clear automatically by resuming the grid electricity, lowering the BTS temperature, etc. Mean while many of us also have faced that the sites gets up as we reached there. So in such case there is waste of time and there will be high risk of contamination during the way.

3. Keep Masks,Gloves and Sanitizer with yourself all time:

During work in field you would be contacted with so many person and you wouldn’t know when the virus have get contacted with you. So the best and foremost important thing is to use the mask and gloves while working in site or field. With this, any contacted things contaminated by virus wouldn’t get transmitted over our body. Also, we should use the instant hand sanitizer on every certain duration or getting over new work.

4. Avoid people, public and crowd areas:

I know you would meet many people while working in the field. Also you would be passed from public and crowd areas. So during such danger period always try to escape or avoid such mass areas to get protected from corona virus infection. Also during travel always try to use the own vehicle rather than public and other vehicles. Also with using vehicles make sure it is disinfected.

5. Don’t move if task is not critical:

If there is emergency, though communication is always been a emergency but there are many cases where we suggest to refrain from such miner tasks and avoid commute. So always categorize for which task you would move and for which you wouldn’t. This categorized work order would keeps you alert and avoid unnecessary stretched during the crisis.

This is our 5 tips to stay away from Covid-19 aka corona virus. Always take care of your health besides contributing to the work.

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