“Ncell Call to Doctor” service launch for consultation of Corona Virus

With the help of Association of Doctors of Nepal and technical support from Ncell, Hamro Patro have launched the “Ncell call to doctor” services. In this services people call directly call to doctors and get the consultation of the corona virus.

With the help of doctors of Nepal and the technical support from Ncell, Hamro patro have made this possible. There will be the video call between the doctor and users in real time and can question about the symptoms. After this, online doctors will help to diagnose whether you should visit the hospital or not. This will help to reduce the psychological tensions raised to general. Besides many people are being infected by common flu which can be treated at home but due to related symptoms with covid-19, they are worried thinking they got caught by corona virus.

How to use for general people?

For this services, users need to go to “Hamro Patro” App. At the top of the app you will see some notifications in yellow highlighted “Ncell call to doctor-Video call”. Click the link and you will reach the brower. Then you will see ” Call to doctor” tab, just click the tab and here you go. I have tried but when I click the same, it told there is not any doctor online and will be within few times.

In browser, directly type or click and you will be in the browser. Just follow the instructions and make a video call.

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How doctors can join?

Doctors can do volunteer in this team by mailing in these mail address,, . We highly request for doctors if they are at home or have time, kindly join the team and help to diagnose the patients.

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