Ncell contribute Rs 10 crore to fight against Coronavirus

Ncell, the largest private sector telecom company in Nepal have contributed Rs 10 Crore i.e Rs 100 Million to fight against covid-19 aka corona virus. Ncell have donated this amount to the government established COVID-19 Infection Prevention, Control and Treatment Fund.

Andy Chong, CEO of Ncell on Tuesday handed over a cheque of Rs 100 million to Narayan Prasad Bidari, secretary at the Office of Prime Minister and Council of Ministers. The amount collected in the fund will be used by government for the preparedness to procure logistics such as personal protective gears, health equipment, PCR testing kits and other materials required in the testing, quarantining and treatment of Covid-19 patients.

Here is the details:

Ncell contribute Rs 10 crore aka 100 million to nepal government to fight against corona virus aka covid-19
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