NTA directs telecom operators to give 100% bonus in recharge and expand loan

NTA, Nepal Telecommunication Authority. the governing body for telecommunication in Nepal have instruct all the telecom operator to give 100% bonus in recharge. Also NTA have tell the operator to expand the loan amount to Rs 150.

NTA committee have directed this to all the operators like Nepal Telecom, Ncell and Smartel so that people can make longer calls during such pandemic situation.

Mean while, NTA also have commanded the operators to expand the loan amount to Rs 150. Since Nepal government have locked down the whole country to combat the global pandemic covid-19 aka corona virus. Due to this people cannot move out of a home to make a recharge.

Meanwhile telecom operators like NT and Ncell have created a CRBT and PRBT with the corona virus prevention ringtone to aware the public.

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