Worldlink launch 5G offer with dual band router

Worldlink communications, the Nepal’s top and leading ISP have launched the 5G offer with dual band router. Worldlink have used Nokia dual band router and they have set this 5G gold offer only for residential services.

With this plan having dual band router, users will now get much more faster video streaming, lag free online games, higher data transfer rate and many more. So combining all above things its main features is speed and speed.

Note: Don’t confuse this as a 5G network. However, the term 5G is given that this dual band router works in 5 GHz frequency also.

Check the details about dual band router and its working principle. For now, lets know about the 5G Gold offer plans and prices set by the worldlink.

Before making a connection, there are below certain terms and condition set by the worldlink.

  1. FUP-Fair Usage Policy is applicable
  2. Customers in the Gold Plans can shift only within other Gold Plans.
  3. Refundable deposit will be returned upon returning the router in working condition.
  4. Above mentioned plans are exclusively for residential purpose only and shall not be resold or used for business purpose.
  5. TSC is included in Internet Service Charge.
  6. VAT s extra.

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