How ISP’s are getting smarter in handling issues during lockdown

With more than 5 Lakh subscribers nation wide and managing their services during lockdown is challenging. But amid the corona virus lockdown, they are getting ahead being smarter to cope the network outage. And their, this attitude is making them ahead of other network providers. With all the protective equipment’s and gear, they are working from the field, from home or even from offices to make sure, each of people getting locked in home wouldn’t face any network disturbance.

When we check their website, we feel they are sharing the information to their client regarding the network outage area, currently ongoing progress and the total effected customers in that region. This really help the customers to aware the information regarding the network down.

So in summary we have listed these 5 things which are making the ISP’s service more smarter to handle the large customers during such pandemic situation.

1. Easy online payment:

Well, this facility is available from all the service providers. As the country is moved to locked down to control the covid-19, all the outlets are shutdown. So despite the zero movement, the online payment makes the renew of the subscription by being where we are. So, this online payment is helping the providers and users a great relief. Customers can use esewa, Khalti, IMEI Pay, epay or direct bank deposit.

2. Counter Opening Schedule:

With taking care of personal health and using safety gears, staff have been managed in certain locations for a certain time frame. This leads some benefit to the customer. But our question is, If there is not any movement of public then how could people reach to your counter? However, they have opened the counter for a limited time by pre-informing to the customer.

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3. Network Outages and Maintenance Schedule:

We have checked almost major all the ISP websites but some of few are using their official website to give information regarding the network outages, effected customers area and number, and maintenance schedule. This have given the timely information to the customers regarding the network outages.

4. Cutoff BW by 30%:

Well this is really not a smarter way to users but for them they are sticking on their business. Major ISP’s are cutting their BW by 30% so that each and everyone would get the fair usage. Even the ISP’s association told that there is high bandwidth usages. So with giving notice, some of leading ISP’s are decreasing the BW of the users to mitigate the network freeze.

5. Customer support by home:

Almost all ISP’s are implementing and adopting work from home to support the customer’s issues. This have been generally one of the first experience to most ISP’s but they are really making it effective. Customers are being benefited from this services.

What do you think about the ISP’s smarter way to give services in this pandemic situation? Let the whole world hear your opinion.

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