Internet Association object government despite Lockdown! to cut internet

Internet Association Provider of Nepal-ISPAN, on Sunday 19 April, have issued a notice saying they can’t fully obey the directions given by government.

According to ISPAN, the umbrella group of internet providers of nepal, have told that they won’t cut down the internet of the elderly people and physical disabilities. But they will cut down the internet of other as they need to manage the financial activities. Earlier, government have given direction to ISP not to cut down internet because people are facing mobilization issues due to covid-19 lockdown.

According to ISPAN there are numerious methods and ways by which customer can pay the bill. There are online gateway providers which can be used to pay the charge.

The head of association Mr Bhojraj Bhatta said in a statement that” they are paying the international bandwidth in schedule to the indian party and if they can’t pay there will be another problem”. Further he added,” they are paying the workers with 2-3 times higher than normal due to this situation”.

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Here is the notice issued by the association.

internet service provider of nepal not to fully implement government direction

What do you think about this decision made by the ISP association. Let us know in the comment section.

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