NTA direct ISP’s not to cut down internet

Nepal telecmunication authority NTA have issued a notice directing the ISP’s not to cut down the internet in this lock down situation. NTA have issued this notice as major ISP like worldlink have begin to cut off the internet of the users who couldn’t pay the bills during this tragedic time.

Since internet is very essential and many people are working from home also. During this lockdown, people are not allowed to go outside for recreational activities so they are in need of internet.

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ISP on the other hand are shamelessly cutting off the internet without making any judgement of the users. NTA also told issuing a notice that ISP can’t charge the late fees as fine after lockdown opens. This step by governing body NTA have given a great relief to the internet users.

ISP’s association of Nepal have not spoken anything about the notice. ISP like worldlink are seems to be more focused to money during such time period.

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