Border Issue increase cyber war between Nepal-India

After Nepal government officially issued the Nepal’s new map including its all the areas of the western region, there have been increase and rise in the hate and debate between the peoples among two countries. One of such hate and debate have yield in the increase in cyber war between the two countries citizen India and Nepal.

From making meme of the biased/shameless Indian media to the meme including the geographical map between the two countries, there have been rampant increase in the anti-India campaign among Nepalese against land encroachment.

With this, few unnamed cyber troops have been engaging in accessing the other’s nationals domain/website portraying threaten to each other. Indeed, we can assume, they are playing the game with each other showing how much skill they have. They have been getting in the administrator of the domain and are taking the domain under their control. In addition, they are also leaking the important keys and confidential information publicly.

Nikesh Nikki, an Indian hacker on twitter have posted showing the hacked of the Nepali sites- Nepal National Library; threatening Nepalese hacker with hastag #stay_back.

Tweet by Indian Hacker showing exploitation of the Nepalese library

Earlier, there were similar attacks by the Indian fellow to the domain and subdomain of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal as below.

Cyber attack on the website of civil association of Nepal

Earlier they even cracked database of more than 20 schools and have shared in pastebin( Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a specific period of time.)

In the same way, primarily two hackers from Nepal, named @satan_cyber_god and @MYSTICALBrahma also have breached the Indian database and leaked the insight content. Below tweets and images depict their work.

Tweets by Indian Cyber warriors

These cyber war/attack have been increased in Nepal earlier too. Foodmandu and Vianet were the top most data breached in Nepal recently.

This serial attack on the cyber space have naked our strength on how much we care about the security of this internet world. Nepal government and its wing, cyber cell is acting like alive but seems dead since not any major actions haven’t taken.

However, the data breached of Foodmandu and Vianet were not same in this case now. Recent attacks are seems to be going against each country on the dispute of the western border, where India encroached before 60 years and have been using it since then by putting military. Recently, Nepal government have included that areas into the map. Lipulekh pass, Limpiyadhura and Kalapani are the main three places where Nepal have been claiming its territory with many evidences and proofs. But, Indian government is reluctant to accept the truth.

Many public deliberately wants both parties to stop such cyber war between Nepal and India. Since, there wouldn’t be any benefit for them. They suggest that the national issues must be solved by top concerns between each countries via meeting.

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