Classic Tech launch 30 Mbps at Rs 1029 with free IP TV

Classic Tech, a growing ISP in Nepal have launched the IP TV for its users. Now, the users can avail the TV service from the company. Classic Tech have given its name as “Classic Prabhu Tv”.

Classic Tech have started this service a bit late because dominant ISP’s like Worldlink and Vianet have been the major player since couple of years. Indeed. there is a lot more to go with the changing and demanding technologies. Earlier, classic tech have launched the 50 Mbps internet at Rs 471/Month which was one of the hottest offer in the town.

In this new offer of “Classic Prabhu TV” , company is giving free “Prabhu TV” aimed to attract the customers. However, minimal fee would be charged for activation and security deposit. The company have categorized this offer in 2 different plans: Home plans and Enterprise plans.

1. Home Plans:

This is designed for normal home users who don’t need high bandwidth usages. In this plan, there are 3 packages. Users can subscribe 30 Mbps, 40 Mbps and 60 Mbps. On each package, there is extra 2 months subscription for free. You can see plans in below image:

classic prabhu Tv Home plans
Fig: “Classic Prabhu Tv” Home Plans

For Pricing of Home Plans: Classic Prabhu Tv Home Plans

2. Enterprise Plans:

This is designed for corporate users/business users who need dedicated bandwidth and are sensitive by the internet. In this plan there are 3 packages. Customers can subscribe 25 Mbps, 35 Mbps and 50 Mbps. As stated earlier, Prabhu TV is absolutely free in Home and Enterprise plans. You can see the plans in below image:

classic prabhu tv enterprise plans
Fig: “Classic Prabhu Tv” Enterprise plans

Pricing of Enterprise Plans: Classic Prabhu Tv Enterprise Plans

Despite, the growing numbers of ISP and the competition among them, lets see how the classic tech ranks them above other ISP’s.

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3 thoughts on “Classic Tech launch 30 Mbps at Rs 1029 with free IP TV

  • Sangdup lama

    I wanna use this your wifi.
    How about the samakhusi ranibari area?

    • Dear Bikram Ji,
      Please contact the classic tech official website for latest offers and pricing.


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