Nepal Telecom deduct Rs 0.09 several times a day! Issues and ways to solve

Users of Nepal Telecom aka NTC have faced the balance deduction issues in their phones. The balance deducted was of Rs 0.09 several times a day in the name of usage of data.

This issues came to limelight after some members posted about this queries in the social media: Facebook group, named “Entrepreneurs for Nepal”. Then many users have checked this issues and all users have faced the same case.

According to NTA, Nepal Telecom-NT have 19,500,842 GSM users as of March 2020. So if Rs 0.09 amount is deducted by for every single users, the mathematics would go greater than 17 lakhs per day which is very very high.

How to check if balance is deducted or not?

For Nepal Telecom users, they can check their usage history from the Nepal Telecom official app. In the main dashboard, there is usage history. After, clicking that option, you would see the voice, sms, data and packages. Click on the data and press submit button. You will receive OTP (One time notification) code and after submitting you will get the usage history of the last 5 days.

What does Nepal Telecom says about this?

According to online site, Gadget Concern, they have asked this queries to the NT representatives and they told that this issues is within the device. According to this, this problem is usually happening in Chinese mobiles. As the mobile tries to activate the SIM for backup purpose and this uses the data.

On the same incident, on chat with Nepal Telecom in facebook messenger, they urged the customers to visit the nearest telecom offices with the handsets they are using. However, many users concerned that this mightn’t be the problem of the users handset because many users are facing the same issue at the same time and balance is deducted in the same ratio.

ntc balance deduction issues
Fig: The usage history of last 5 days with balance deduction amount

Who has the issues? Telecom or Users handset?

According to NT, there is issues in Chinese handset but users who have been using others handset like blackberry, iPhone, Samsung and Nokia are also facing the same issues. The most top selling Chinese smartphones in Nepal are Mi, Vivo, Oppo, and so on.

On the other hand, there might be issues in the NT side also. As almost all the NT users have faced the same issues. In fact on the other hand, the NT have been using the Chinese equipment made by Huawei which have faced the various allegation of data security issues in worldwide.

So there seems to be issues on the NT side.

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How to solve this problem?

According to tech enthusiast, they suggest that the preventive measures can be adopted by disabling all the background data. But upon the doing the same, the problem is still persists on all users.

Some also suggest to latch the mobile network to 3G or 2G for at least a day and check the results. Few have been tried and is working too. Lets hope this work for a while.

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