Solved| Nepal Telecom auto balance deduct issues

In recent days, Nepal Telecom users have faced the balance deduction issues in the name of data usages. This have been noticed after using their official NT app.

Soo many people were facing this issues and the balance deduction was going on. Everyone was finding the ways to solve their problem. Upon the conversation with NT customer via the messenger, they urged that this issues lies within our mobile. Even they told: to off the background data and if possible they suggested to visit the nearest telecom offices with the handsets they are using.

If you don’t know the background details of this issues, we have covered this in our earlier post named “Nepal Telecom deduct Rs 0.09 several times a day“. Kindly check to know the depth of the issues.

From that day, we have tried different methods so that this auto balance deduction issues can be solved and finally this tricks have worked. Upon review, two methods have been found good to solve this issues.

Fig: Auto Balance deduction issue solved of Nepal Telecom

In this above image you can see, my auto balance deduction has been solved from May 6, 2020.

1. Switch 4G to 3G:

This is the initial step we have tried. This is unconfirmed for my handsets but was working for many of users. So before any thing, we want you to switch your NT 4G network and latch to 3G. However, you wouldn’t get the 4G speed after this transfer but 3G won’t disappoint you.

If you don’t know how to switch, follow steps 2, but but select the “preferred network type” instead of “Access Point Names”. And you will see LTE, 3G and 2G only. Select 3G or 2G as your wish.

2. Delete your mobile APN:

This is the final step, from which you wouldn’t be able to use the mobile data but don’t worry, it can be added automatically and literally very easily. After deleting this APN (Access Point Name), your mobile don’t have any mobile data settings to run the data. If we don’t have any settings, then our handsets wouldn’t have any method to access the data and by which our balance wouldn’t cut. Indeed this is the last option. However, after deletion of the APN, regaining of APN is easy. Just dial customer service number 1498 and they will send you setting via SMS. After this, you can serve the mobile data as usual.

How to delete the APN?

If you are using the mobile having 2 SIM, then at first you need to make your mobile data connectivity usage to the Nepal Telecom SIM. Otherwise you wouldn’t see any APN settings. Since the APN settings is visible to the SIM in which internet/mobile data is set as preferred.

See the details below in the image and follow the steps from 1 to 4 and you are ready.

How to delete the Nepal Telecom internet APN setting
Fig: How to delete the Nepal Telecom internet APN setting

From this above steps, I am sure your problems will be solved. Meanwhile NTC technical team is also working to solve the problem.

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